On the Notoriety of Mr Okorie Ukobo Against the Anoh’s As He Extends His Ostracisation War to WhatsApp Social Media Platforms by Chinedu Anoh


Photo Credit (edited): Mgbom General Assembly WhatsApp Platform

Everyday, Mr Okorie Okereke (a.k.a. Ukobo) and his gang create another opportunity to populate the media space with their rancorous activities against the Anoh’s. Whether he knows or he does not, these records will reverberate in the hearts and minds of the wise, regardless of the populace that sing their praise in all their notorious adventures against the Anoh’s. One of the most pitiful things that should come to mind of any man is to assume that he would be the only man standing, in a kindred, in a village, a community, a town or even in the world. Oke cheta, o chere ibe ya! A mild settlement that should have been resolved inhouse in a sane society as it has always been the case since the days of our forefathers, but the likes of Okorie Ukobo exploited the avenue to vent out their latent hatred, envy, rancour and bitterness against the Anoh’s. As they have not considered it necessary to stop, even so will we never cease to educate the whole world of the evil and dark practices that abound in Mgbom Egbani kingdom. Let me apologise ahead of time to anyone that might be offended by my choice of words, herein, but I will be addressing Mr Ukobo more sternly! 

It is necessary to put up these few lines, in response to Mr Okorie Ukobo’s ostracization war that he has now extended to social media. For example, at about 6:30 PM [Nigerian time] of 26th January 2022, Mr Ukobo removed Mr Chibuike Anoh from the WhatsApp platform of Mgbom General Assembly. I looked through the WhatsApp platform to see what Mr Chibuike’s offence was but the only thing I noted was the recent update on ruthless actions of Mgbom Egbani kingdom; on how they were ruthlessly violating rights of the less privileged for which Mr Ukobo was strongly accused of. I did my due diligence of contacting Mr Chibuike to find out if he had any further confrontations with Mr Ukobo, for which he confirmed to me that there was none. To fulfil every righteousness, someone followed up at 10:10 PM by asking “Why was he removed?” of which neither Mr Okorie Ukobo nor anyone else responded to the question till date on that WhatsApp platform. As Mr Ukobo has removed Mr Chibuike’s line from the platform, I am expecting him or his gang to be removing my line as well; jobless and hateful fools! 

Let me start by correcting the clannish identities of Mr Okorie Okereke (a.k.a. Ukobo), who was earlier identified to have come from Umuneze, one of the three villages that make up Mgbom Egbani Kingdom. Instead, Mr Okorie Ukobo is from Umuazum kindred within the Umunkaigbo village in Mgbom Egbani Kingdom. The controversial Mgbom Egbani kingdom is in Ugwulangwu in Ohaozara LGA of Ebonyi State. The present Mgbom Egbani kingdom is being ruled by the wrong people who always work very hard to supress the truth in the land; with Aja Nwigwe as the Chairman and Okoroafor Igboke as the Secretary. They violate people’s right at will. They are pawns in the hands of the mischievous chiefs and politicians. That Mr Okorie Ukobo is from Umunkaigbo instead of Umuneze further strengthens the fact that some of those who claim to be the power brokers in Umunkaigbo and stakeholders in Mgbom Egbani are the ones manufacturing troubles to undermine the family of Mr Okorie Anoh. It does not however, completely, exonerate the chiefs and some politicians from the Umuneze and Ama-ebor villages of the Mgbom Egbani kingdom from the mess. Notwithstanding, the mother of Mr Okorie Ukobo (Late Mrs Mgborie Nkwo) was a relative of Mr Okorie Anoh as the grandmother of Mr Ukobo (Late Ms Nwafor Eze) was the sister of Mr Anoh’s father. By this, Mr Ukobo has always claimed and enjoyed a relationship with Mr Anoh.   

It was like yesterday to me, Mr Ukobo, as I recall clearly when you were always running to the same man you’re working very hard to destroy his family. Through Nwodubo, via owhia azuhu Nweke, you have arrived. Sometimes with your mother – Mgborie Nkwo. You were too frequent than any other person. Very early in the morning, before we could wake up from sleep, you’re already there in our house presenting your many predicaments of life and receiving his wise counsels. In those days, when the man was strong and at your service, Mr Okorie Anoh was your good uncle. Nke Igbo jiri kwu a sị, ụkwụ ji a agụ mgbada a bịa ya ụgwọ. Who are you, Mr Okorie Ukobo to try this rubbish when my father was alive and strong – you must have used your tongue to count your teeth.

I have come across several venoms spewed out by Mr Okorie Ukobo since the days of the crises of the non-existent marriage, some of which, he would believe that we can never come across. But like it is in the common saying, nothing is hidden under the sun. It has also been quite surprising to observe the amount of efforts and resources that Mr Okorie Ukobo has invested in the crises; I began to perceive the writhing of a drowning and ungrateful man. As I struggled to absorb his number of ugly sayings and actions, then came his uncountable media arrows against the Anoh’s. On top of that, came the removal of our family members from different social media platforms that he has been privileged to be a member of the group admins. In other words, if Mr Okorie Ukobo should extend his arrows to removing our contacts on different WhatsApp platforms, by extension it appears that Mr Okorie Ukobo must have been the major brain behind the ostracization toga against the Anoh’s among other things. In other words, Mr Okorie Ukobo has lost in all ramifications of his efforts towards silencing the Anoh’s, so much that he now extends his ostracization wars to social media. The notorious bold steps taken by Mr Okorie Ukobo against our family made me wonder so much if he was the same person that was never lacking in our family house while our father was alive and strong. 

As I ponder through all these, I begin to harmonise the distributed occurrences of several other disjointed events. As a one-time good maths student, I was able to invoke my knowledge of elementary set theory and to put these things into several sets and looking at the properties, I could nicely observe where things intersect and what have become subsets of a number of other things. 

By his dispositions, Mr Okorie Ukobo appears to be one of the most notable persons in Umunkaigbo with his former House of Rep friend that can be allegedly said to have been the brain behind the crises. Despite the alleged meeting in his house prior to another one at Aja Mgbom playground where the Satanic Church of Mgbom Egbani kingdom mobilised their fellow jobless and senseless gang to storm people’s homes, it was also alleged that Mr Okorie Ukobo was the one that forced one of our brothers to delete a video coverage of their rancorous and acrimonious 11th January 2022 meeting and plans at the same Aja Mgbom playground against the Anoh’s. In other words, Mr Okorie Ukobo has become a recurring decimal just as Mr Ngene Ukeh and co. But talking about that my set theory knowledge, Mr Okorie Ukobo and Ngene Ukeh are but two close pals; Mr Ngene who has never been identified with any good report in his lifetime portrays even more who Mr Okorie Ukobo should be. 

There are, at least, two possible reasons why Mr Okorie Ukobo has extended his ostracization wars to WhatsApp platforms where he is privileged to be a group administrator. One, Mr Ukobo might be one of the strongest dark forces in Mgbom Egbani who does not want his activities exposed to the public, yet he does not find it wise to repent. This might not be farfetched as Mr Okorie Ukobo has not been, allegedly, found wanting in most of the evil meetings and congregations of Mgbom Egbani kingdom where they take stupid and evil decisions against people. In fact, Mr Okorie Ukobo is the Chairman of Mgbom Egbani group in Lagos State; Ukobo always participates in their meetings both at home [village] and in Lagos State. This Lagos chapter of Mgbom Egbani is highly sacred to Aja Nwigwe (the village chairman) as he keeps making reference to their inputs in every troubles they create; followed by the Port Harcourt Chapter where Joe Idika Okoro manufactures his own side of the evils. Two, Mr Okorie Ukobo has become severely jealous and covetous of the Anoh’s, and the only known crude means of communicating his frustrations is by colluding uninformed folks in launching wars against us. 

On the other hand, looking at the compositions of group admin teams more critically, it appears that the unending WhatsApp groups were purposefully created towards fighting the Anoh’s as most of them appear to have no vision. In addition, the teams that make up the group admins have not been diverse enough and this should be intelligently noted before they begin changing the group admin members. 

It is no gain saying that Mr Okorie Ukobo is an ingrate! To raise his filthy hands and resources against my father’s house is one of the worst things on earth. For your information, we know you Mr Ukobo, we know your history. We know your past records. We know your other stories. I am not interested in talking about those, but you should be well aware that you and your gang are seriously cajoling the Mgbom Egbani kingdom before the world. History will not forget these records, and worsening them would do you no better. It has been alleged that Okorie Ukobo might be one of the persons that fathered at least one of the numerous children of Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko; perhaps another additional way of fighting dirty in the non-exsistent marriage falsehood.

Like Mr Chibuike Anoh has conjectured that something must be wrong with the Mgbom Egbani kingdom, let me also conjecture and more specifically that something might be wrong with Mr Okorie Ukobo. The chiefest of all of them might be envy, covetousness and jealousy. Like the popular Igbo musician – Obi Igwe – said, these things bring hatred, and haters are murderers. I recall that Mgbom Egbani kingdom is the custodian of several gods and shrines including Ọgba, Ụgọnị, Awha, Ukoro, Nne-ukwu, Enya-owhịa (Ebọ-ukwu), etc. These shrines and gods work with spirits – I am not sure if they’re evil or good spirits. However, in Umunkaigbo village, Umuazum kindred is the custodian of awha – the god of the traditional new year. Usually, on the eve of the traditional new year, the chief priest and key custodian of the awha god engages in a serene but critical meetings with the awha god and the attendant spirits. At that meeting, the most popular three gifts that are usually posed to the chief priest are ọnwụ ike (untimely death), ụkpa (poverty) and ehụ-adụ ụchọ (epidemics), of which the chief priest must choose one from. I also recall that the defunct Okorie Ukobo’s family compound used to be where the awha was kept; and should still be so till date. In other words, the awha god and spirits that present such ugly gifts as a new year package must be a bad one and might be on a serious mission against Mr Ukobo even though he has now relocated to a new site. 

I was going to be disappointed in Mr Okorie Ukobo but the Holy Scriptures called my mind back to the saying, “They that make them are like unto them; so is every one that trusteth in them” [Psalm 115:8]. In order words, if awha god for which the Okorie Ukobo’s family is a custodian of, offers three wrong choices annually one of which must be chosen as a new year package, then Mr Okorie Ukobo cannot be any better. He will only wake up in every new year to hold nocturnal meetings in his house and otherwise on how to unleash sufferings on people. On the other hand, one might have joined Elihu in reasoning that ‘Age should speak, And multitude of years should teach wisdom.’ Unfortunately, “there is a spirit in man, And the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding”. And from the dispositions of Mr Okorie Ukobo, I can see that he has been bereft of that spirit that gives man understanding. Sometimes, “great men are not always wise, Nor do the aged always understand justice” [Job 32:7 – 9], especially those who trust in dark powers. This assertion has been upheld in science.

As always, it is quite worrisome that supposedly grown men who are privileged to have become Whatsapp group Admins are now deploying it negatively in a condescending manner to the extent that those who develop the messaging app will be having eternal laugh at our tomfoolery. Indeed, if you want to test a man give him power. May God give us the wisdom to know that all things are passing away.

The other past Nigerian president, His Excellency President Goodluck Jonathan, will always say that every time you listen to them you see the bitterness in their hearts, bitter, anger, as if somebody has taken their property. And I said, look, you cannot give what you don’t have. If you do not have a peaceful heart, a friendly heart, you cannot bring peace to people. For you to bring peace, you must be somebody who can forgive. It is not somebody who would ask people to go and kill that will bring peace, you will bring crises to us. Especially now that the society is so sophisticated, and light arms and small weapons are all over the place, you will set this country ablaze. And we will not go back to those primitive days, this country must move forward. So do I, similarly, borrow from His Excellency’s words to say that Mgbom Egbani kingdom must move forward. Thou evil forces of Mgbom Egbani, thou shalt not prevail. The nay sayers have held the kingdom backward for too long, it the time of a fresh anointing, and true community builders of Mgbom Egbani kingdom must rise!

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