Odeshi Charm turns deadly, As Two Friends Test Its Potency Before Hunting Expedition


Hell was let loose yesterday in the Umuneri Community of Enugu State, as two hunter friends, a certain Ikenna Nwodo of Umuneri, Uwanni, Enugu State, and his close friend, Nzue, a hunter from the neighboring community shot dead his friend while testing their Odeshi charm.

An eyes witness account had it that the two friends who were testing the potency of their charms took turn to shoot at each other with the victim being the one that first shot at his friend whose charm neutralized the bullets but collapsed on the spot when his friend

As always, youths from the deceased community took to violence by attacking their neighboring community where many properties were vandalized, our source reported. Most people have deserted the two communities, as no one know when the repriasl attack will be coming.

A  Lagos base lawyer who hails from the community confirms the ugly incident in his Twitter handle @Malachyodo1 by retweeting thus:

As happened in my community, a pity.

The story equally had it that due to the wanton destruction of properties unleashed on their community by the deceased community, the Youths of Ugwunani had mobilized for a reprisal attack against the community who son’s Odeshi charm failed in action.

Mr. Joseph Nwanadikwu, the father of the man whose Odeshi charm proved effective at the moment of litmus test has been on the run with his household.

The relevant authorities should moved in to restore normalcy in the affected communities ; while the youth leaders posing for war should be made to understand that there nothing good about war outside its ending.

Volenti non fit injuria is a Latin maxim that could be applicable to this case. Trial lawyers are to test run.


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