Mgbom Egbani Church of Satan At It Again: As They Launch Attacks Against Reason By Chibuike Anoh


Photo Credit (edited): Mgbom General Assembly WhatsApp Platform

While most people were busy taking stock of their lives around the end of last year (2021) and on how they would strategise to succeed in 2022, some men and women in Mgbom Egbani kingdom were busy plotting what evil they would perpetrate against their neighbours; how they would frustrate one person or another. By the way they are going and if their clueless leaders do not repent, the words Mgbom Egbani kingdom might soon become synonymous with evil doing, frustration, drawback, jobless, wicked, progress haters, satanism, setback, hatred, jealousy, senselessness, disobedient, unrepentance, impenitence, seared, stupidity, impunity, etc. It makes me remember a similarly hateful and unrepentant fellow, who made the entire Igbo nation his enemy yet taking solace in another man’s land. You may have read about him – Adeyinka Grandson.

According to BBC, Adeyinka Grandson was born in April of 1976; the Yoruba man who is now separated with his wife migrated to the United Kingdom in 2007, and has become a notoriously reputable hater of the Igbo nation. Although he nicknamed himself as Adeyinka Grandson, according to this twitter post, the man was born as Oluwasegun Abiodun Bolarinwa and has become the president of Young Yoruba for Freedom (YYF) group. According to Mr Adeyinka, Igbos are responsible for all the problems in their [Yoruba] land and they [him and his loyalists] are working to cleanse their Yoruba nation of all the Igbos. Among his other venoms, Adeyinka warned the Igbos of an impending damnation if they neglect his 48-hour notice of vacating their land in one of his video recordings that went viral online. According to him, after the expiration of the 48-hour notice, they will stop and search all cars, enter offices, worship centres in search of the Igbos; any Igbo born found in the Yoruba soil will be dealt with mercilessly. Days after his warning, his video went viral online and he was later arrested by the British police in the UK. On 30th November 2021, Mr Adeyinka pleaded guilty to all 8 count charges bordering on terrorism among other things in a UK court and he will be sentenced in January 2022. According to Dr Damages, Mr Adeyinka has become the monster he condemned in others.

History is one of the most educative subjects in life, to them that are willing to learn. The story of Adeyinka Grandson should have thought vital lessons to all who cared to listen and learn, safe the Mgbom Egbani kingdom. They say experience is a great teacher; sometimes, experience may be the greatest teacher to fools only. For example, reinventing the wheel of mistakes of Mr Adeyinka Grandson may be greatest undoing of the hateful, envious, jealous and acrimonious leaders of Mgbom Egbani kingdom. From the unfolding events, it appears that the Mgbom Egbani kingdom and their sympathisers are presently copying the scripts of Mr Grandson. By their dispositions, it has become evident that they do not want to give peace a chance. Like we have continually noted, the Mgbom Egbani kingdom were never fighting dirty for the good of Ms Nnenna Onyema Nwokporoko, instead it is a proxy means to unleash their latent hatred, envy and jealousy on our family.

Anyone following the matter of the non-existent marriage wahala fabricated by the chiefs and politicians of Mgbom Egbani must have noted the findings of both the Ebonyi State Government of Nigeria and another parallel findings of our native Ezokechima Development Association (EDA) on the matter. Though each of these bodies conducted their own independent findings, both clearly found that Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko was never married to our father. Meanwhile, Mgbom Egbani signed a reconciliation agreement with the Ebonyi State Government and received the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N150,000) as a fine to revoke an ostracization toga imposed on our family because of this matter. We would like to let the general public know that after receiving the N150,000 fine from us, Mgbom Egbani did not revoke the ostracization toga. They have continued to harass and intimidate anyone that associates with us. As callously as it could sound, they have imposed and have been receiving fines of up to N85,000 per person on anyone that associates with us. Just for the benefit of the people that would want to crucify us when it happens, we are set to confront them again! It can only be averted if they refund all the monies that they have unlawfully received from our well-wishers whom they have deceived, cajoled, harassed and intimidated after receiving a N150,000 fine from us.

24 November 2020 at Ohaozara East DC – Ugoezoke; Chairman of Mgbom Egbani – Mr Aja Nwigwe (brown stripped polo-shirt) – clutching N150,000 he received from us as a fine, Emmanuel Idika Okoro (CHEER inscribed polo-shirt), Coordinator OHEDC (Mr Okorie Ernest Okereke a.k.a. Okay-Black in black and red colour cap)

It is worthy therefore to make you aware that the ostracization toga was borne out of the high-handedness of the same leaders and chiefs of the Mgbom Egbani on the alleged marriage. In September 2019, our brother Chibuike, was slapped with an unjustifiable Ten Thousand naira (N10,000) fine for inviting a witness to substantiate his claim that Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko was never married by our father. On top of that, the Mgbom Egbani leaders bragged that he should go and appeal anywhere. Mr Chibuike considered this as injustice and impunity, and did not pay the (N10,000) fine. In January 2020, the entire family of Mr Okorie Anoh was ostracised by the Mgbom Egbani leaders because of the (N10,000) fine. During investigations on the matter, the family of Owutu uncovered that they never had any problem with their wife but strongly accused Mgbom Egbani of influencing Ms Nnenna to abandon her marriage.

We have been letting many things pass away in the interest of peace but this time again, the troublemakers should be reminded that they are in the wrong! As their ill-treatments and targeting against us do not want to seize, we are set to confront them again. Pikin wey say him mama no go sleep, walahi, should not blink. On 24th November 2020, the Chairman of Mgbom Egbani – Mr Aja Nwigwe – on behalf of Mgbom Egbani signed a peaceful agreement with us and the Ebonyi State Government and received a N150,000 fine from us. On January 12 January 2021 and 13th January 2021, Mr Aja Nwigwe at Aja Mgbom playground mobilised people to go and confiscate properties worth up to N85,000 from any family that identified with us during the burial of our father on 5th December 2020. According to him, he allegedly instructed the mob to maim or kill anyone that confronts them. Those teeming gang stormed homes of people, carted away their valuable properties including rental tables and chairs, frying pans, cooking utensils, sewing machines, motorcycles, etc. Using axes, they broke down doors and keys to gain access to people’s homes (see attached pictures).


Photo 1: Vandalised door with axes                        Picture 2: Properties confiscated by the mob

Those men unlawfully carried away goats of other people grazing in the neighbourhoods. Of course, N85,000 is not a small money to come by for many families in the village; people borrowed widely and some pledged their lands to raise the money in other to regain their properties. Some of the victims are still struggling with the interests of the monies they borrowed. Affected persons include Chief Sunday Nwaji Njoku, Mrs Eunice Igu, Mr/s Eze Nwigwe, Mr Monday Chukwu, Okechukwu Ukeh, Monday Nwigwe Ogbu, Mr/s Okoro Okike, Rachael Okoronkwo, etc. The Ebonyi State Government warned them to return those properties and refund the illegal fines at that time, but it all fell on deaf ears. According to the late President of Nigeria, Gen. Sani Abacha, “if insurgency lasts for more than 24 hours, the government has a hand in it. In other words, the leaders of Mgbom Egbani and their mobs will not sustain the guts to be flouting Government’s instructions like this without the hands of their indigenes who are in the government.

In fact, the stage-managed arrest and torture of Mr Monday Chukwu due to Ebeano sometime in November 2021 which was permuted by Emmanuel Idika Okoro and others, was a part of their revenge missions for not achieving their aim in the fabricated marriage saga – ndi oji aghụghọ eri.

As if that was not enough, on 11th of January 2022, Mgbom Egbani held a meeting at Aja Mgbom playground following another meeting allegedly held at Okorie Okereke’s (a.k.a. Ukobo) house where they mobilised people to do a return match of confiscating people’s properties again. They stormed the homes and seized the properties of Mr/s Eze Nwigwe, Mr/s Okoro Okike, Okechukwu Ukeh, Mrs Eunice Igu, Nwekpa Ikpete, etc. on 12 January 2022. Remember that they are still in the custody of the properties seized from Chief Sunday Nwaji Njoku, Mrs Eunice Igu, etc. since that 12/13th January 2021. This is again another clear impunity and a way of announcing to us that they have more skeletons in their cupboard. In fact, in that their meeting of 11th January 2022, Mr Okereke Okorafor (a.k.a. Udoka) allegedly arrogated that who is Governor Dave Umahi to delve into their community matter up to dissolving marriages. Mr Udoka will answer to that if the Ebonyi State Government remembers him. It is mind-boggling to see the callousness of man against his own as Mr Okorie Nwaknwo Igu brother to Chikezie Igu was allegedly in attendance in that 11th January 2022 meeting; remember that Mr Okorie with Chikezie Igu and Mrs Eunice Igu are of the same compound. In other words, Okorie brother to Mr Chikezie has not only set for war against the Anoh’s but also himself.

Let us correct Mr Udoka and Mgbom Egbani that His Excellency Gov. Dave Umahi and indeed EDA have not dissolved any marriage, instead resetting your brains on hijacking Owutu’s family. As Mr Obinna Chinyere allegedly claimed that they’re just waiting for Gov. Umahi to vacate the government house for them to relaunch their unproductive and unholy fight against our family using the next government, how about the EDA? While men and women of virtue and value glamorously travelled to their different villages to celebrate the yuletide, jobless and hateful Mgbom Egbani men travelled from all the different corners of the world to unleash mayhem, calumnious and callously motivated attacks on the individuals they felt that they’re stronger than.

While it is important to continually update the public on the nefarious activities of Mgbom Egbani kingdom and their leaders, and the hateful dispositions of the so-called learned class on the poor and less privileged; posterity will remember them when their cups are full. The other biggest foolishness is to think that anyone can continue to remain in the seats of power – ask Idi Amin of Uganda – despite their ruthless and despicable practices. For those of you who are from Mgbom Egbani and Ugwulangwu who strive to obtain government positions to oppress people, very soon you will cry out blood for justice to no avail.

It is necessary to checkmate the recklessness of the leaders of Mgbom Egbani kingdom before they finally lead an eternal war that would consume all of them and their supporters. Those of them that felt that they are in government positions and can mistreat anyone at will, must remember that it is just a question of time and tables will turn. They seem to have been bereft of the historical trajectory of past political office holders that violated people due to their seats of power. Nobody will be a coordinator forever. Nobody will be a chairman forever. None will forever remain a special assistant or adviser. Nobody remains a House of Representative member for life. Time and chance happen to them all.

Before you cast aspersions on us, our dear people of Ugwulangwu Ezokechima, the above are glaringly annoying, as it is soon going to boil again if things are not corrected!

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