Mgbom Egbani, A City Of Subterfuge Or Impunity, Part 2?: The Main Reason Behind The Cabals And Politicians Perverting The Truth On The Alleged Marriage Between Late Okorie Anoh & Nnennaya Nwokporoko By Dr. Kelvin Anoh



In our previous publication on the above subject, we noted that those prebendal forces fabricating the non-existing tales of a marriage relationship between Mr Okorie Anoh and Nnennaya Onyema Nwokporoko may be doing so for control of destiny or show of power. These never-do-well forces are, now, no longer limited to Mgbom Egbani alone; they have now expanded their network throughout the entire Ugwulangwu and we shall announce them in due course – although they are already identifying themselves. While some of them are fully armed with the truth according to the extant customs and traditions of Ugwulangwu, others have been swept with lies and falsehood to join the gang ignorantly. 

Those who play the politics of acrimony, calumny and bigotry in Ugwulangwu believe that no one else must emerge; in their own words “we shall make sure that there is no voice in that family” – imagine another Herod or Nebuchadnezzar! Most of such politicians come from the Mgbom Egbani and end up polluting the other parts of Ugwulangwu. These forces usually cajole the uninformed masses to achieve their unscrupulous and unpopular desires. It would marvel anyone to reason that up until now, why is it that Mgbom Egbani has never produced a lawyer, a medical doctor, etc. with all their noise! 

Ndi-ibe anyi, “… we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.”, bu ihe akwukwo-nso kwuru. 


The lack of professionals among the Mgbom Egbani Kingdom may be quite instrumental to why they make very uninformed and laughable decisions; and they want these to continue – may God forbid! Gentlemen and ladies of our great village and Ugwulangwu at large, it is high time we liberated our people from these satanic forces. We have dwelt in such a mess for too long; and we pray that every yoke holding our people backwards be broken in Jesus’ name – Amen ! 

Again, we bring you a summary of the untold story why the politicians are exacerbating the unholy and non-existing marital tales between Mr Okorie Anoh and the lecherous Nnenna Nwokporoko:

  1. Some politicians in Mgbom Egbani believe and brag that no other voice should be heard from the area apart from theirs. In fact, they would do everything possible to any upcoming figure or family in the area to create frictions with them. Well, this is quite understandable and a common knowledge. For example, in confraternities and several brotherhoods, it is well-known that the scheme of commanding someone into loyalty to you is either by initiating the person into the same brotherhood or through intimidation until he surrenders. According to one of them, “we can enter any office and influence anything” – no wonder a lot of backwardness exists in Mgbom Egbani because they have been negatively entering offices and influencing a lot of things. 

2.Like we said in the previous publication, these forces are not interested in the wellbeing of Nnenna Nwokporoko and the lady is very unwitting about this, instead a politics of intimidation, destruction and bigotry. We are compelled to believe that Mr Nwoshiri Igboke was working for these politicians and other forces in Umunkaigbo when he initiated the crisis in the first place. It must be on print that Mr Nwoshiri Igboke was financially impotent until Mr Okorie Anoh facilitated his return from Lagos and engaged him in the teaching work that he has been doing for several years now – this is how Mr Nwoshiri paid him back!

3.The crisis may be connected to the friction that some people had with one of the Mgbom Egbani politicians when he wanted to hijack the lands in Enukoro-egu and Otika-ofutu to construct a football field while he was in the Federal House of Representatives office; perhaps intelligently preparing to be receiving tolls from the football services as his retirement package. Because he was massively affected, Mr Okorie Anoh resisted this move; it was alleged that he deployed charms in order to protect his property from the politician and his loyalists. Since then, the politician and his loyalists vowed to destroy any voice from the family of Mr Okorie Anoh. The expenses incurred by the Nigerian Government through the National Sports Commission on servicing that non-existent football field may be the one that was circulated widely on the Ezokechima Patriotic Movement’s whatsapp platform on 24 November 2020. That March 16, 2015 publication of the Guardian Newspaper wrote in part, “The completion of the Mini Sports Centres in the six geopolitical zones equally awarded in 2010 in Mgbom, Ugwulangwu, Ohaozzara LGA Ebonyi State gulped a total sum of N62.947 million.” In addition, “the Commission revealed that it also spent the sum of N663.764 million on the maintenance of the six federal government owned stadia across the country” in 2014. 

4..In that story of deploying charms to protect property, the truth that Ndi-Mgbom Egbani have always supressed was the role of the psychic expert woman – Nnenna Nwokporoko. For example, Ndi-Mgbom Egbani have down-played that Mr. Chi Micah who was alleged to have participated in the process informed them that Nnenna Nwokporoko was the brain behind the charm. How come that no one raised questions on this, or has she bewitched all of them ?

5.Since they knew all these, we would unequivocally question their justifications why they are still harbouring and glorifying the mastermind? It makes us remember the words of that Abia Central Senator, Enyinnaya Abaribe, when commenting on the State of the Nation, that those who live by propaganda will die by propaganda

6.While we do not support charms and charming, we challenge all of these politicians and the Umunkaigbo forces to exonerate themselves from ever attempting eliminating people through charms and the likes! Before Mr Anoh missed his steps into the lecherous and mystic woman – Nnenna Nwokporoko, there is no record anywhere that the man was involved in any mysticism. On the contrary, he started his life as an evangelist and was behind the planting of several churches in our neighbourhood. He worked very hard and honestly throughout his lifetime earning to his credit TCII, ACE, NCE, BSc and MSc. All these are accolades that providence deems fit to bless him with.

7.By extension, what has truly played out was to tag a dog with a bad name in order to kill it. We strongly believe that Nnnenna Nwokporoko was a well-calculated and suitable machinery hired by the forces in Umunkaigbo and these politicians to destroy the family of Mr Okorie Anoh. Obviously, since the notorious family of Onyema Nwokporoko is very skilled in witchcraft and wizardry, one of the major roles of Nnenna Nwokporoko may have been to wipe the Anoh’s dynasty through witchcraft. The licentious woman also confirmed this assignment after she was sacked by Unwanyi-unuhu. You may recall that Mr Onyema Nwokporoko (father of Nnnenna Nwokporoko), allegedly, bled and died while returning from planting charms on a construction site of a certain new building. Unfortunately, the daughter has grown to cherish her father’s art. In her own words, “Papa m turu iigu, m je imi ya ami” – in other words, the evils of her father is in the kindergarten compared to hers.  In addition, since the woman’s itchy waist is what she chose to rely on in the face of challenges, she never reflects to think of whom is worthy to share her bed with. The second role why she was hired may have been to plant “foreign children” whom the Umunkaigbo forces and the politicians may have contributed in order to pollute the Anoh’s dynasty.

8.We have been mature and patient enough not wanting to join issues with any of the loquacious and hateful individuals calling for the head of John the Baptist on a tray because of the seductive dance of the kezaiahous woman, but no longer. We make bold to warn those gullible individuals who may have soiled their hands and souls together with the divisive and lascivious woman that we shall, henceforth, reciprocate whatever they throw at us either with equal measure or something weightier. “Si vis pacem, para bellum” is a popular Latin adage, which translates into “If you want peace, prepare for war“. 

9.We are not naïve to recall that when Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic Church to pursue his Justification Movement around the time of Bible dark ages, the record said that some of his comments were not worthy for the print. As priestly and anointed as he was, that documentary teaches us to understand that anyone could be pushed to react in a surprising manner.


Supposing that there is no one to raise rational questions and confront the fabrications, falsehood and lies being pelted at Mr Okorie Anoh’s family, it would have been very easy to spread through among the people and of course, taken to be true by the public. Gentlemen and ladies, it is all hatred, village impunity, bigotry and subterfugility. Courageous men and women – from Ugwulangwu and beyond, we urge you to always speak up against impunity, bigotry and subterfuge against your name, family or property. Mgbom Egbani has been doing these for a long time now, but we say no more; it must stop and stop for ever.


Clearly from the foregoing chronicle of events, it is now evident to note that the lady – Nnenna Nwokporoko – is quite a skilled machinery in two inappropriate life styles; high-level prostitution and high-level witchcraft. On the prostitution wing, some of the Umunkaigbo chiefs sponsoring this crisis have been, allegedly, named as fathering some of her children. Politics and politicians being what it has been, it very likely that some of the politicians may have contributed their own quota in fathering her numerous children. One of them, allegedly, said that they wanted the family of Mr Okorie Anoh to train them the way they have been trained by their father; so that they could lay claim of fathering the children in the future – gross irresponsibility! On the witchcraft wing, we may also want to think that given the magnanimity of loyalty enjoyed by the Nnenna Nwokporoko from her sponsors, it very likely that the Umunkaigbo forces and the politicians may be rolling on the same mystic and esoteric networks with the lewd woman. 


Like the erstwhile heroic president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela in his award-winning book – Long Walk to Freedom, he said: No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” On top of that, we would like to add that, people especially the Umunkaigbo forces and Ugwulangwu Politicians must also learn that human destiny is unto God, and one must learn to appreciate this than attracting to themselves eternal problems. Eli told his sons, if you sin against man, God will mediate, but if you sin against God, who can deliver?


We would equally call on the well-meaning individuals, who are as ashamed as we have been of the intoxicating practices of the present leadership of the Mgbom Egbani kingdom, to immediately request the dissolution of the government of the present chairman – Mr Aja Nwigwe – who has shown gross incompetence, and has not demonstrated any reasonable capacity to be a leader of such a great village. You may recall that after we paid the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand naira (N150,000) as a fine, Mr Aja Nwigwe and his gang went further by not lifting the ostracisation toga placed on Okorie Anoh and his children ; rather, they went ahead to impose unconscionable fines on all those who come from Mgbom Egbani to identify with us during my father’s burial. They have extorted from those honourable men and women with unjustifiable fines of over eighty five thousand naira (N85,000), seizing articles of trades, breaking people’s homes, etc. How wicked and callous could these forces be! And the big question we pose to them is, what have they used such whopping sums to do; can they show any developmental project that they have invested the money into, scholarships that they have awarded, etc. ? When they are sacked, they must present reconcilable accounts of how they spent the hard-earned finances of Ndi-Mgbom Egbani. 

As always, they even extended their campaign of calumny to the likes of Chief Sunday Nwaji Njoku, who did not even attend the burial nor visit us at any point in time; but for his boldness in telling them the truth at each an every gathering when this sore subject came up for discussion. We urge all reasonable men from Mgbom and the entire Ugwulangwu, to make contributions to this issue without bending the truth or tending to speak for one side; then, you would have realized how the prebendal forces at Mgbom Egbani, Umu-nkaa Igbo in particular are hell bent on perverting the truth.


More on the next episode … 


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