Breaking News: Niger Natives Trapped The Suspicious Plane Allegedly Supplying Weapons And Foods To Terrorists


News filtering in now, has it that the alleged rumored plane, helicopter that usually supply arms and foods to terrorists, bandits and whatever terror that traumatize Nigerians whenever they are operating, has been tracked and ground by the natives in Niger State; using supernatural powers.

As always, this feat was achieved by the natives deploying bees to occupy and surround the plane, forcing the pilot to abandon the plane, as he sought safety through flight.

According to a tweep, Justy Ella @JustSociety4all,  the pilot has been chased away by the bees, revealing in the process that the Military Grade Apache Helicopter, allegedly belonged to Major General Abdulsalami Abubakr (Rtd).

Again, our source revealed that such helicopter does not belong to individuals in saner climes; demanding that Abdulsalami Abubakar should come forward and clear the air on the issue of ownership of the plane which has been deployed to do more evil than good.

Equally, our source said that Abdulsalami Abubakar has tried belatedly  to deny that but did not actually deny the ownership of the plane.

This supernatural feat was achieved at Arina village in Shiroro Local Government Area of Niger State.

We shall keep you updated as this matter unfolds.

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