The guy and his girlfriend as their fortune improves

The Lady who Slept on Floor Earns Her Man’s Love: Is It One of the Ways To Prove True Love


Finding true love is as difficult as the camel passing through the eyes of needle but some lucky few have been able to have a glimpse of true love because no one got it all. It keeps evolving with life itself. Just be the change you want to see in the world.

See the experience of how a single, broke and struggling man found love in the midst of misery.

The lady sleeping on bare floor in his boyfriend place
True love proved

His experience as shared on @uncleTochi are below :

The guy and his girlfriend as their fortune improves

You would be wondering who’s the lady lying on the floor sleeping… That’s the woman I wanna spent the rest of my life with, her name is onyinyechi, and you would be wondering why she’s sleeping on the floor… That’s my life at this moment, and I wanna tell a story.

My life took a turn after I moved from my former place to my current place with my daughter ( am a single dad ) business wasn’t moving as usual and things was getting tough for me in terms of taking care of responsibility, which made me move my daughter to my mom (2)

…. While still slowly taking care of her but from afar so I could put my life together alone, and that’s when things got tougher for me, couldn’t provide for my mom to support her effort to my daughter and my other siblings… Then I went into selling off my properties (3)

I sold off virtually all that I have in the house without minding how my life is gonna be like, without looking at how my girlfriend, the girl I have looked towards settling down with; would feel about how worst things has gotten for me but she keeps surprising me by the day (4)

I have watched to see if she would wanna end the Relationship with me and move on with another man who has all she wants but she choose to stick by me, pray for me, encourage me, and constantly show care and concern about me… Which has moved me to tears so many times (5)

What moved me about her this evening was her decision to spend the night in my place, she called me at 6pm and told me she would be sleeping out at my place after work as she would be closing late and wouldn’t be able to go to her mom’s place, I wasn’t expecting that at all (6)

So I asked her if she’s gonna be okay sleeping in my place as I don’t have a bed anymore and I don’t see it comfortable for her enough as it’s a floor with bedsheets, which I myself don’t find okay sleeping on but I got no choice… She laughed a little and said to me .. (7)

“tochi, I will sleep where you sleep, eat were you eat and live with you where you live” hmmm 😟 this moved me to tears but I held myself and I thanked her and she ended the call, by 9pm she knocked and asked me to get her some of my clothes: she would wanna bath (8)

I just looked at her, pulled off her wig, changed into my boxers and singlet after bathing 🧼 while we gist a little then she slept off as she was so tired from work, I have being looking at her for the past 30 mins and I kept asking myself (9)

I don’t know what to do for her but I know God knows and seeth our hearts and minds.. she deserves the best of a wedding and marriage and I believe God will help me achieve that.. even as am scared to push further due to my present condition, this lady deserves all the best (11)

She’s a dream come true… I know she will not get to see all this as she’s not on twitter but I want her to know that I would move the earth and heavens to give her a better life as a man and a husband to her, that’s my solemn promise … God bless you, onyinyechi.. (12)

Tochukwu loves you..

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