Video: Greedy Man Lost #100, 000.00 To Scammers


Greedy has several implications for those who never learnt contentment, as a first Bank customer got call from those who claimed to be Access Bank Customer care, promising him #1 million Naira in the next two hours upon his deposit of #100, 000.00.

A trick he felled for before realizing that he has been scammed. He rushed to Access Bank branch, but the Bank denies liability, causing him to create scene in his quest for his money.

We shall keep you updated as the matter unfold. Beware of greed, you may lose the little that you have now.

See the video below.

“So this guy got a call from online scammers claiming to be access bank representatives to send 100k and receive a million naira after 2hours which he did without hesitation(cos obviously people are greedy)!

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