We Fight Back Obidientlty: How To Fight Bad Governance in Nigeria by Nwaji,Chibuzor Franklin


How to Fight Bad Governance
A poem of 5 stanzas and 52 lines

For so many decades that’re similar with donkey’s years,
Were the youngsters under the canopy of the umbrella
Where some old cabals promised them a life of cinderella
To their bewilderment inside the shade of hopes,
A mighty wind with heavy downpour set from the west,
Fell on the youngsters, and due to cold, raised their hair
The youngsters wailed but none wiped their tears
Instaed, the old cabals went into their well built nest
The rain saturated all their wealth and flew into the thin air
Resulting to knotting with inflation in bunches of ropes

At first, the cabals cohabited and lived peacefully in drones,
Flaunting the youngsters’ sweats in thier currency forms
Yet, not funding their classrooms, roads and medicine shops,
Succumbing to poor maintenance, these facilities collapsed,
keeping the youngsters waiting at home in wails and moans
Thus, the old cabals are like cocoons nurturing tiny worms
That aid decay of fallen structure, as it effervescences foams
On education, they are negligent; an issue of yearly relapse
On election few youngsters’d be deceived with small chops
Paving ways for the cabals to reinstate their thrones

With time, few of the cabals opted out,
Forming a separate colony, with ‘change’ in their mouth
Afterwards they preached a new sermon, full of boom
They went further, inventing a machine known as broom
With which to sweep dusts, bring ‘change’ and restore harmony
The youngsters rejoiced, but oblivious of its latent doom
When the perilous 2020 came, the cabals hibernated in their abode,
Locked the youngsters up to negative influences, like in a cathode
With this broom, the old cabals swept currency’s store room
And instantly the economy was in a whole mess and agony

The old cabals shamelessly ran to the white man
And he agreed to sign a humongous loan transaction
Little youngsters kept enduring; offsetting endless debts,
Indirectly when they purchased fuel, gas or kerosene
Who will redeem us from these inhumane acts and harm?
Cried the youngsters, with their hunger-filled breathe
But few youngsters later ‘blow’, and bought ‘limousine’
The old cabals became suspicious, threatening their health:
With police harrassement targeted on their source of wealth
But these are youngsters with a genuine recommendation

The suspicions extended to the extinct of a youngster
And a cascade of the well organized, nonstopped EndSars,
Followed suits, and later turned to a national movement
Against a systemic bad governance which was long overdue
And the the world was watching, including some Nigerian stars
All youngsters coalesced and marched round en masse
In an attempt to deliver their country from the ‘broom govt’
But unfortunately, many lost their lives in the Lekki cue
The youngsters cried again, for they were massacred mercilessly
Yet true justice wasn’t still given, for their lives are like ABC
Later, the youngsters agreed to get involve and they got their PVC
For they have unanimously decided to fight back #OBIdiently!

…Beyond Infinity™

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