Happening Now: Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry Banned By Catholic Church


All might not have been heard about Mbaka’s incendiary emotional outburst against Peter Obi, labelling him an accursed and a Stingy man, as the Bishop of Enugu Dioceses had used the big stick now by banning further religious activities at the Adoration ground till further notice.

Catholic faithfuls are advised to stay away from the Adoration ground since Mbaka has failed to hid all the warnings earlier given on how to manage the Adoration Ministry in line with the Cannon law

See their letter below:

This is a laudable move by the Catholic Church who should not allow any priest who is overwhelmed with greedy for material gains to use their platform for such prebendal quest which is completely at variance with the doctrines of the church.

Mbaka’s greed has been one too many. It ought to be checked.

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