Delegates Purchase: Anambra APC Delegates Storms Andy Uba’s Home To Demand Their Monies


News filtering in now has it that the Anambra APC delegates stormed Andy Uba’s home yesterday asking him to release the money he was givenon their behalf during the APC primaries at Abuja. They protested yesterday at Andy Uba’s compound before taking their protest to ABAT who allegedly gave their monies to Andy Uba having agreed that they will recieve tyeir money after voting the aspirant that bought their votes.

Unfortunately,this goes to confirm that the allegation of rigged and corrupt delegate system who are at the beck and call of money bags who looted public funds for the advancement of their political interests. Again, the shameful protest at the Uba’s compound goes to confirm their widely hailed public image making that the uba brothers are alleged monsters with no virtue.

Professor Chidi Odinkalu revealed on his Twitter handle thus;

Therefore, the last might not have been heard on the highly Dollarised party primaries as practiced by APC and PDP presidential aspirants.

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