Do Diezeani wear Pants and Undies: Lawyer Queries FG Sincerity In Prosecuting The Former Minister of Petroleum By Victor Agwu


Abia State based Legal Practitioner, Mr. Victor Agwu has reacted to the recent media onslaught by the Federal Government against the former Minister of Petroleum under Goodluck Jonathan era, Mrs. Diezeani Maduekwe who has been severally accused of stealing imaginary figures beyond what Nigeria could actually earn in decades. The new condescending approach is the  brandishing of the woman’s bra on media, in preparation for a scheduled auction that could revive the Nigerian economy.

He revealed this in his Facebook post, where he asked the FG and her agents to disclose the other unnamed properties supposedly up for auction.

See his Facebook post below.


In case you don’t know:

Dieziani Allison-Madueke was an Executive Director of Shell petroleum. The first female to occupy such position in Nigeria.
Her Salary was about $311,113 per annum (#127,889,220.91). She can afford a luxury life.

– Fmr Minister of Transportation (first female)

– Fmr Minister of Mines and steel development (first female)

– Fmr Minister of petroleum resources (first female).

– First female president of OPEC.

Dieziani is married to Rear Admiral Allison Madueke (rtd)
– Fmr chief of Naval staff.
– Fmr Military governor of Anambra state.
– Fmr Military governor of Imo state.

Dieziani was already wealthy before joining the government.

Now, the news in the air by the Government people is that some bras allegedly recovered from her house are to be auctioned and that they’re expected to rake in millions of dollars from them. Unfortunately, many have begun to write, comment, analyse, criticize and condemn Deziani without hearing from her which is against the rule of fair hearing. Let’s learn to hear from the other side before arriving at any judgment. It’s a golden rule of justice.

When was it that Deziani Allison-Madueke identified those bras as belonging to her? Many can’t answer it.

Now, why does the government place so much emphasis on her so-called bras? Of course, I reckon that they also said “other property”. Why isn’t as much emphasis placed on those “other nameless property” by the government as the bras?

Any sane person would want to know why the government descended so low as to bother us with Deziani’s bras. It’s worrisome that the government people had the whole time on earth to go to town to find the market prices of a woman’s bras. It doesn’t matter the nature of the bras.

By the way, didn’t Deziani wear clothes and shoes? I didnt see her go nude wearing only bras. I saw her properly dressed and very elegantly, too. Why aren’t her clothes and shoes also advertised for auctioning? I don’t know if she wore pants, but from the way the government is going about this, it’s possible she didn’t wear pants, lingeries, tights, shimi etc which constitute the aggregarion of things commonly referred to as “undies” or “inner wears” of a woman otherwise the government in this period of insanity or mischief would have also advertised them for auctioning.

It isn’t good for the government to always play on the collective intelligence of millions of our people. Don’t give a dog a bad name because you want to hang it. Don’t give this woman a bad name to hang her.

I can’t judge the content of a book by its cover. Let the government prove her sincerity by publishing factual information about what was supposedly found on Deziani. Its sheer mischief for the govevernment to be in the news brandishing a womans bras and making a big weather of it.

After all, the woman hasnt even identified the bras by any means that they belong to her and that she did actually spend millions of dollars or naira to acquire them. Then, the government must convince us that it was impossible for her to have lawfully acquired them through her earning.

Lai Mohamed, Garba Shehu, Femi Adesina, Malami and the presidency should at least be fair to Deziani. She’s somebody’s wife. She’s not Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who’s been recently accused of sins that even the devil isn’t comfortable with.

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