Justice Smiles At Owutu Again: As Ebonyi Government Led To Rest The Fabricated Marriage Saga Of The Late Okorie Anoh By Chibuike Okorie Anoh


 Yesterday, Wednesday 18th of August 2021 was a day that may have been predetermined by the Almighty God to respond to the Satanic Church of Mgbom Egbani. It was a bountiful harvest of shame to that congregation at the Old Government House Abakaliki in Ebonyi State Nigeria. The Ebonyi State Government unveiled her long awaited findings and decision on the alleged marriage between Mr Okorie Anoh and Ms Nnennaya Onyema Nwokporoko fabricated by Mgbom Egbani Kingdom and Ugwulangwu politicians. The city of subterfuge and impunity, Mgbom Egbani, including their leaders were all humiliated by truth and common sense. Listening to them speak, one could wonder if they have lost their sense of reasoning. They hustled to juxtapose, displace, misrepresent and misinterpret our standing long-term tradition and culture. In particular, the former Traditional Prime Minister of Mgbom Ugwulangwu, Mr Ngene Ukeh, claimed that the tradition of Mgbom Ugwulangwu is different from that of Ugwulangwu – arụ! The fellow deserves a severe punishment. 

They risked all they had to ensure that our family remained under their satanic manipulation; they risked their names, jobs, status, influence, connections, resources, time, lives, health and family. Some of them include Mr Aja Nwigwe, Ngene Ukeh, Nwoshiri Igboke, Chikezie Igu, Idika Okoro, Emmanuel Idika, Okereke Okorafor (Udoka), Okorie Okereke (Ukobo), Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony, Egwu Nwachukwu Onwosi, Ogbonna Nweze, Uneke Nwigwe, Pastor Okereke Nwankwo, Ifeanyi Chukwu Igu, Nwigwe Nweke, etc. In addition, were most of the politicians from Ugwulangwu; except  Mrs. Agbafor Nwankwor (Eunice Igu) and Chief Sunday Nwaji Njoku, the former vice Chairman of Ohaozara LGA. 

Chief Sunday Nwaji Njoku and Mrs Eunice Igu were the only prominent persons from the area that continually condemned the unreasonable actions of Mgbom Egbani kingdom. To shut these two persons up, Mr Aja Nwigwe who is the chairman of the kingdom slammed Chief Sunday Nwaji Njoku and Mrs Eunice Igu with unconscionable fines of over N85,000 each. As if that was not enough, Mr Aja Nwigwe further directed some thugs to illegally seize properties and articles of trades belonging to these two families for daring to speak up.

At this point, it is quite safe to state that by attempting to fraudulently impose Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko on the family of Okorie Anoh was a carefully calculated interference by the Mgbom Egbani kingdom and Ugwulangwu politicians to destroy our family. It was bone out of envy, jealousy and hatred. Recall that these evil doers sponsored a number frivolous and false publications against the young Naval Officer of the Okorie Anoh’s family in order to truncate his Naval career. While some are busy printing their names in gold, these Mgbom Egbani men have secured indelible records of bad reputation, perhaps, due to some inordinate desires, indulgence; and parochialism, lack of integrity, libertine and obdurate impenitence of their seared and unconscionable hearts. The men of Mgbom Egbani Kingdom continue to attract to themselves shame, ridicule and disgrace. They sow lies and reap disgrace. They collaboratively work against any upcoming person or family. Be on your own guard if you are from the area, Mgbom Egbani kingdom! 

In attendance at the meeting were the Senior Special Adviser (SSA) to Governor on Legal Services and Conflict Resolution (Bar. Emeka Nwode), Commissioner of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs (Mr Donatus Njoku), the Coordinator of Ohaozara East Development Centre (Mr Ernest Okorie), the Councillor of Ugbo-Ogologo Ward (Mrs Franklin Chinyere), Hon. Tony Abel, Chief Sunday Nwaji Njoku, Nnenna Onyema, Okorie Anoh’s family amongst others. Chief Christopher Evoh of Amegbu Mgbom Ugwulangwu representing Mr Owutu’s family was there. During the session, the SSA observed the absence of and asked for the Chairperson of Ohaozara Local Government Area, Ms Nkechinyere Iyioku. When asked, Mr Ernest Okorie who claimed to be representing her, said he doesn’t know where the Ms Nkechi had gone to. This is quite in line with her continued absence in all the hearings on the matter from the beginning until now; she has never attended any of the peaceful hearings prescribed by the Ebonyi State Government despite invitations sent out to her. 

It would, NOT REALLY, interest you to know that there exists a woman – Mrs Nnenna Onyema Nwokporo of Amandim Mgbom Ugwulangwu – who was legally married by Mr Okoro Chukwu (a.k.a. Owutu) of Amegbu Mgbom Ugwulangwu, both in Ugwulangwu community of Ohaozara in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Mrs Nnenna and Mr Owutu both raised a family together as husband and wife with children. Mr Owutu is a staff of Obiozara, the headquarters of Ohaozara Local Government Area of the Ebonyi State. On the other hand, Mrs Nnenna has been a very kezaiahous woman with a very lucrative itchy waist, a nymphomaniac, who dropped out of primary school due to multiple pre-mature pregnancies. The lady, although relatively young (in her 30’s), is also prominent in diabolism and mysticism. It was alleged that the chiefs and politicians in Umunkaigbo in Mgbom Egbani influenced the woman to desert her husband, Owutu, probably due to the rhythmic resonance of her nsutu. The chiefs, for example Mr Idika Okoro, stood for the woman as false witnesses in Ugwulangwu Customary Court in 2007 in order to claim the children of Mr Owutu as theirs. Despite their adulterous efforts, the honourable court did not dissolve the marriage as Ms Nnenna, her family and the Mgbom Egbani kingdom refused to refund the customary bride price nor return the children to Mr Owutu. Disrespecting the ruling of the honourable court, Mrs Nnenna epileptically cohabited with Mr Okorie Anoh of the same Mgbom Egbani. Unfortunately, Mrs Nnenna allegedly continued to offer her bedroom services to the chiefs and politicians. While the chiefs in Mgbom Egbani worked very hard to manufacture a marriage between Mr Okorie Anoh and Mrs Nnenna Nwokporoko, the family of Okorie Anoh were busy shouting God forbid. It was alleged that the psychic woman bribed the chiefs and others with nsutu – sex. The family of Okorie Anoh continued to maintain that it was wrong to force a woman out of her matrimonial home, and seize the children also.

Overwhelmed by the pressures from the Anoh’s family, the very cunning one among the chiefs, Mr Ngene Ukeh, devised a means and sold the struggle to the wider uniformed Mgbom Egbani kingdom, and the community politicians. Quite robust in her licentious and witchcraft prowess, the lady gained the attentions and supports of a wider community to herself, especially the Chiefs and politicians. Perhaps due to misinformation, the wider Ugwulangwu community bought into her plight due to the lies earlier fabricated by Umunkaigbo Chiefs and the Mgbom Egbani kingdom. On the other hand, being a man of basic resources Mr Owutu and his kinsmen excruciatingly cried like the hen victimised by a hawk. The noise of these four parties (Owutu, Nnenna, Mgbom Egbani and Anoh’s family) attracted the attention of the Ebonyi State Government who mediated in the matter. The government set up two different committees, and investigations were carried out in September 2020. The committees wrote and submitted their independent reports to the Ebonyi State Government around October 2020. 

Yesterday, Wednesday 18th of August 2021, after about eleven months of the investigations, the Ebonyi State Government presented its report, findings and decision on the matter. The report, indirectly, found that Mr Owutu was just being punished for being a man of basic means. Earlier, they had unjustly summoned Mr Owutu to the Ugwulangwu Customary Court in 2007. Without a lawyer representing him, God smiled at Mr Owutu, and he won the case in court. Just like it happened in the Ugwulangwu Customary Court in 2007, Mr Owutu and his kinsmen smiled again while the Anoh’s cheered on Wednesday 18th of August 2021 as the Ebonyi State Government pronounced that Mr Owutu’s family (wife and children) should be returned to him. Notice that Mrs Nnenna Nwokporoko and her sponsors are usually the first to raise alarm to either the public, authorities or the government to attract unworthy sympathy.

While pronouncing the findings and stance of the Ebonyi State Government on the matter, the Senior Special Adviser to the Governor on Legal Services and Conflict Resolution, Barr. Emeka Nwode stated that his office has been charged with the responsibility of implementing the findings and decision of the government. Representing the Ebonyi State Government were the SSA and Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs. It was learned that Ohaozara LGA Chairperson, although absent, was supposed to be part of the implementation team. At this point, anyone could reasonably question why all her serial absence? The government sent invitations to all others concerned in the matter to attend the session; the message sent out reads: 

The Executive chairman of Ohaozara lga, Cordinator of Ohaozara East Dcs, Stakeholders, political office holders, and Village leadership all from mgbom Egbani ugwulangwu are invited to a meeting with the SSA to the Governor on Legal services and conflict Resolution on Wednesday 18th August 2021 by 9:30 at old Govt House Ai am over the dispute of late okorie Ano family and Nnenya Onyema . please your are invited and inform all concerned. Igwurube I’m for SSA

The SSA read the findings, first in English Language, and later in Igbo Language. He disclosed that the report was ready for implementation since 4th May 2021. Perhaps, it must have been the Ugwulangwu politicians that held back the executive order from being implemented for this long until yesterday. In part, the report reads:

  1. “… it is obvious that Nnennaya Onyema was not customarily and legally married to late Okorie Anoh as even the Court in her judgement ruled in favour of her marriage to Okoro Chukwu and not Okorie Anoh together with the two children.” 

This finding and conclusion were made based on three different documents, namely the 2007 Customary Court ruling, the report submitted by HRH Eze R. F. Iyioku and the report submitted by the former Coordinator of Ohaozara East Development Centre, Mrs Martha Ebere Nwankwo. The government’s white paper thus recommends that the following be implemented: 

  1. that Mrs Nnenna Onyema and all her children be reunited with her legal husband, Mr Okoro Chukwu;
  2. that Mrs Nnenna Onyema and her sponsors must desist henceforth from distracting, intruding and interfering on the family of Okorie Anoh and  properties; 
  3. that the Okorie Anoh family should remit the sum of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000) only, as a soft-landing for the woman. 

Responding to the Committee implementing the findings of the government, Engr. Ralph Anoh on behalf of the Okorie Anoh’s family, admitted and promised to remit the soft-landing N500,000 to the Ebonyi State Government on September 7th, 2021. Speaking on behalf of the Mgbom Egbani kingdom, Mr Ngene Ukeh frowned at the Government’s decision challenging that the custom and traditions of Mgbom Ugwulangwu is different from that of Ugwulangwu. Reacting to Mr Ukeh, the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs (Mr Donatus Njoku) noted that Ohaozara and Onicha (Mr Njoku is from Isu in Onicha LGA) have common tradition and custom berating Mr Ukeh that he cannot separate customs and traditions of Mgbom Ugwulangwu and Ugwulangwu. Mr Ukeh further challenged that the findings of HRH Eze R. F. Iyioku should be disregarded, as he is the traditional ruler of Ugwulangwu but not Mgbom Ugwulangwu. Again, responding to Mr Ukeh, the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs instructed Mr Ukeh that the Governor reserves the right to appoint any traditional ruler from any part of Ebonyi State to deliberate on traditional matters. 

While the major point has been scored on the burgeoning feud regarding the legality of the non-existing marriage fabricated by the power brokers of Mgbom Egbani kingdom, some Chiefs of the area and some politicians in Ugwulangwu, the shameless cabals can henceforth give peace a chance. It is also applaudable to observe that an element of secular law was enshrined in the Ebonyi State Government’s position on the matter. For example, awarding N500,000 as a soft-landing for the woman may be recognised in law; this could be viewed as palimony, a colloquial portmanteau of two words, namely pal and alimony. However, legally speaking this must have been expected from the late patron, but not the family.

Earlier this year, recall that the Ezokechima Development Association (EDA), an association of all the sons and daughters of Ugwulangwu Community had launched her own independent investigation into the matter, away from that of the Ebonyi State Government’s. During her general meeting on 6th June 2021, the EDA announced that:

  1.  Mrs Nnenna Onyema was never married by Mr Okorie Anoh, 

and thus EDA recommended that: 

  1. the woman returns to her legitimate husband;
  2. Okorie Anoh’s family builds a house for woman in her husband’s place;
  3. EDA would support the woman with the sum of one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) to start up a business.

In other words, there are now five documents that upheld the continued marriage of Mrs Nnennaya Onyema to Mr Owutu; the Customary Court judgement, the Traditional Ruler’s Report, the Coordinator’s Report, the Ebonyi State Government’s Report and the EDA Report. Indeed, it goes to imply that all the stakeholders from Mgbom Egbani who played key roles in fuelling the crises (identified or not) should be disregarded in serious matters that border on truth, transparency and honesty. In the same vein, most of the politicians from Ugwulangwu who played significant roles in the crises must not be involved in matters that border on truth, transparency and honesty. 

While the Executive Governor of Ebonyi State (His Excellency, Engr. David Umahi) has given voice to the voiceless (Mr Owutu), Ndi Mgbom Egbani, under the chairmanship of Mr Aja Nwigwe (of Umuneze) and his secretary Mr Okorafor Igboke (a.k.a. Nwoshiri Igboke of Umunkaigbo) amongst others, have recorded their names on the dust of the earth – where men and anything else shall continue to trample upon. Honourable men and women of integrity will forever remember them for their roles in destroying a man’s home including the tradition of our great community – Ugwulangwu. In a sane society, they must have handed in their resignation letters and be facing severe punishments. However, it makes us reiterate our earlier call for the dissolution of the government of Mr Aja Nwigwe and his gang, and hold them unto account on how they spent the hard–earned money of the Mgbom Egbani kingdom. 

On the other hand, it was a wild jubilation for Mr Okoro Chukwu (whom providence has always been kind to) and his kinsmen as the Ebonyi State Government pronounced on its whitepaper report and findings on the non-existent marriage fabricated by the Umunkaigbo chiefs and the Mgbom Egbani politicians, in order to disarm a full-fledged man of his entire household – arụ! Oh, imagine how much truth would have saved the names of the chiefs and politicians of the Mgbom Egbani kingdom, except that they chose to perverse it! 

At this point, we assume that you might be thinking – what could have led them into all these? The Holy Scriptures say “Extortion turns a wise person into a fool, and a bribe corrupts the heart” [Eccl. 7:7; NIV]. Another one could be lack of self-control or inordinate desire. In the Holy Scriptures, God warned Adam, I give you everything but one – the fruit at the centre of the garden, the forbidden fruit – to eat; do not eat for the day that you eat it, you shall die [Gen. 2:7]. Adam continuously obeyed, until the serpent told them a different thing, preaching another gospel to them perhaps with a seductive dance of the kezaiahous woman; Eve went and sutu; wow! Adam o, Adam oo; bịa bịa, Stop your stupidity, Eve may have pitied; come here and sutu ka anya gị wee mepe. Mr Adam wee sutu – anya ya wee mepe, ahụhụ ha wee bido. Could Mrs Nnennaya Onyema Nwokporo be the serpent while the Mgbom Egbani Chiefs and Politicians maybe thought of as being the Adams? Could envy, hatred for hardworking person, and jealousy be their problems? History will assess them based on this.

There are several lessons that one can glean from the whole drama scripted by Mr Ngene Ukeh, researched by Mr Nwoshiri Igboke, Directed by Mr Idika Okoro, Ngene Ukeh and Nwigwe Nweke, approved by Ogbonna Nweze, preached by Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony, sponsored by some Mgbom Egbani politicians and others, etc.; for example, 

  1. truth is the strongest weapon. Ordinarily, it would be impossible for the Okorie Anoh’s family to pull through in letting Mr Owutu get justice if they were on the wrong side; 
  2. those who sow lies must surely harvest shame and disgrace;
  3. please, interact and believe in or trust the Umunkaigbo elders and chiefs, Mgbom Egbani Chiefs and Elders, Stakeholders and the Politicians from the area with due caution – except Chief Sunday Nwaji Njoku and Mrs. Eunice Agbafor Nwankwo Igu. Recall that Mr Friday Nweke, whose farm was allegedly destroyed by the Nwigwe Nweke’s family, had reported the matter to the so-called elders, but nothing was done. It implies that they selectively victimise their targets. 
  4. the politicians from the area are severely corrupt. While the marital illegality feud was going on, all the politicians (except Chief Sunday Nwaji Njoku and Mrs. Agbafor Nwankwor igu), fully supported the evil. At the same time, one could recall that the same Mgbom Egbani politicians cajoled the entire Mgbom Autonomous Community into an Ezeship fraud until the likes of Mr Okechukwu Azi cried out, apologised, regretting his involvement with the highly corrupt and unconscionable Mgbom Egbani politicians. Posterity will forever avenge them of their evil and fraudulent handiworks;
  5. there is something definitely wrong with the people of Mgbom Egbani kingdom – call it hatred, envy, jealousy, poverty, covenant, insensitivity, senselessness, spiritual or something else, we don’t really know;
  6. you should not engage in fabricating falsehood and lies against thy neighbour, regardless of your status, reasons or position, as it is a matter of time before you are utterly exposed and disgraced. 

Like father like son, it must be on print that Mr Emmanuel Idika, the son of Mr Idika Okoro who continued to bear false witness in the matter until his death in February 2021, was escorted out of the venue due to his unruly behaviour. Also, Chief Egwu Nwachukwu Onwosi who has been working closely with Mr Idika Okoro and others on his own volition walked out on the government during the session. 

We also noted the remarks of Mr Emmanuel Idika and Mr Uneke Nwigwe who were furious about the decision of the Ebonyi State Government. These fellows threatened to vandalise the reconstructed building to let Mrs Nnenna Onyema into the house. Until then, we are watching those who brazenly have been attempting to truncate public peace, violating our extant laws with impunity. 

As always, we cannot ask for more than the kindness and grace of providence who ensures that His Excellency, Engr. David Nweze Umahi, the infrastructural developmental Governor, whose actions matched his words as the Ebonyi State helmsman has ensured that the justice of this matter is met all times no matter whose ox is gourde. Equally of note, is our lead counsel, Bar. O.O. Nwani, Esq., Chairman, Pegasus Legal & Associates whose quick wit and creativity did not only save the Naval Officer’s job but ensured that justice is done on this issue despite several threats and counter threats at his person, uncles, friends and family. It is worthy of mention that the Church of Satan Cabal of Mgbom Egbani having fined Okorie Anoh’s children (N150,000.00) as a reconciliation fee did not attend the Late Okorie Anoh burial only to turn around and harass those who identify with the family during the trying period despite several warnings to the contrary by the state Government. Also, Chief Sunday Nwaji whose only known sin is being the maternal uncle of our lead counsel had his motorcycle and wife’s cooking utensil confiscated till date by the Mgbom Egbani Cabal; although he did not attend the burial ceremony as insinuated. The same faith befalls Mrs. Agbafor Nwankwo and host of others who have been humiliated and intimidated for identifying with the Okorie Anoh’s. Some of the abominable and unprintable toga sewn for Okorie Anoh’s dynasty by the architects of acrimony are in public domain with the name of the actors though our legal team are on top of the situation. 

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  1. Wining with the truth could be delayed but, it will eventually see the limelight. Thumbs up lead council. Barrister O.O NWANI.,CHAIRMAN, PEGASUS LEGAL & ASSOCIATE.

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