Crime: Soldier Arrested For Killing Car owner That Lifted Him From Rivers


Heaven becomes hell, as a suspected Nigerian Soldier, dressed in his full military camouflage was lifted by a car owner who is driving to Uyo from Portharcourt, thinking that the soldier will help him have easy access through the series of security check points on the road; unknown to him that this is a criminal that will eliminate him and attempt to made away with his car.

According to @Maazi Ogbonnaya tweeter handle, the soldier does not know that the car was tracked, leading to his arrest this morning in a hotel.

The army man never knew this car was tracked, a device that was duly activated by security operatives and he was picked up at one hotel in Ukanafun LGA this morning.

The military hierarchy was at the state police headquarters today to pick him up for firstly,

a Court Marshal before handing him over to the police for prosecution.

I witnessed this process at Ikot Akpan Abia police headquarters today.

We need to be circumspect as we give lift to not just security men on the road but just anybody.

The above has come as a warning to all of us, not to just lift anybody in our car without due caution; because the days are evil and you never know who is who no matter the garb of decency worn by people.

As always, it is a pointer to the fact that all is not well in the country, as many people now took to crime as a means of sustenance ; and our security agencies do not help matters as they focus more on who could give us money than checking crimes in line of duty.

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