The Satanic Church of Mgbom Egbani Kingdom : Will Mr. Friday Nweke Ever Get Justice On His Destroyed Farm From the Church?/Video



Anton Szandor LaVey was the president and founder of the Church of Satan on the last night of April 1966. That ceremony was followed by shaving off his hair. The Black Pope, Mr LaVey, as he was usually called by his followers was only 16 years old and an organ player in a carnival when he began the road to High Priesthood of the Church of Satan. According to The Satanic Bible, “On Saturday night I would see men lusting after half-naked girls dancing at the carnival, and on Sunday morning when I was playing the organ for the tenth-show evangelists at the other end of the carnival lot, I would see these same men sitting in the pews with their wives and children, asking God to forgive them and purge them of carnal desires. And the next Saturday night they’d be back at the carnival or some other place of indulgence.” The Black Pope in The Satanic Bible continued, “I knew then that the Christian Church thrives on hypocrisy, and that man’s carnal nature will out!” 

Although not a Christian Church this time around, the case of power brokers in Mgbom Egbani kingdom is not just limited to the carnal nature of hypocrisy, it also encompasses acrimony, benchmarking, envy, hatred, subterfuge and all manner of indulgence. Writing about their characteristics, Magus Peter H. Gilmore described them as a scattered meta-tribe and their proper name is Satanist. It was not an overstatement attributing the characteristic practices prevalent in the Mgbom Egbani kingdom among the power brokers to subterfuge and impunity in our earliest contribution. In fact, those attributes qualifying the kingdom’s power brokers in that publication may have been very economical with the truth seeing from the position of Anton LaVey that the village is endowed with Satanists. Two of The Nine Satanic Statements captured those characteristics well; “1 Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence!” “8 Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!” Implicitly, it appears that a group of Satanic Church members may be heading the Mgbom Egbani kingdom. Oh yes, the area, characteristically, may have a Church of Satan going on there and an encounter with The Satanic Bible will teach you further what they stand for. 

Mr Uneke Nwigwe Nweke (a.k.a UNN) was very quick to announce to the whole Earth that egirima Okorie Anoh destroyed farmlands, sometime in April 2021. Without any evidence, Mr UNN hired Mr Chibuzo Okereke Irem who did not see any of the Anoh’s destroying the farmland, to become an untrue witness. To drive home his point, in the video-recording, there was an unidentified third person rephrasing and straightening the statements of Mr Chibuzo in the acting. Mr Chibuzo took to his heels and have since been in hibernation when he understood the gravity of his actions. Reactions from every corner; Mr Ogbonna Nwigwe from Minnesota in the USA sent our brother a very stupid video recording of the people, he may have, probably rented featuring Mr Joe Idika who claimed to be the Chairman of the youths lauding threats upon threats. Mr Okorie Okereke (a.k.a. Ukobo) on the other hand in Lagos took to the social media. Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony in Lagos and his brother Emmanuel Idika in the village joined Mr Ukobo and lauded their rants on social media. 

Some other elemental forces of the Mgbom Egbani kingdom with the teaming masses they have misled with lies quickly launched meetings. Their politician counterparts rallied round, instituted and held a security meeting in Uburu with all the major stakeholders of the Ohaozara LGA in attendance including the traditional rulers; wow – what a cheap people to manipulate! 

Mr Nwigwe Nweke (father of Mr UNN) and Mr Ngene Ukeh, both of the Umunkaigbo village, hurriedly readied themselves in their respective isi-okwu regalia, and were in attendance, testifying that they were the responsible chiefs of the Mgbom Egbani area. In unison, their prayers were to relieve the young Naval Officer of the Okorie Anoh’s family of his job. A traditional ruler from Okposi volunteered that he is the best in writing petitions that can truncate the job of any serving officer of the Nigerian military. He promised them to return back to him whenever they’re ready for the dirty job. 

To make the whole illicit plan look real, the politicians with the Mgbom Egbani Chiefs planned to hire some widows to play in the drama of demonstration (ngagari-iwe), and the recorded video of the protest would be presented as part of their evidences when submitting their petition to the Naval Headquarters in Abuja. Some of them in the village were sent to different soothsayers and oracles, up to Kogi State, to inquire on how their mission would go, and on how to strengthen their strategies so that the masses and offices would be hypnotised into believing their concocted stories. 

Their colleagues in Lagos were charged with the responsibility of obtaining the credentials of the young Naval Officer in order to concretise their presentations to the Naval Headquarters. To achieve that, Secondo – A Retired Naval Warrant Officer from one of South – South States – whom the ignorant Mgbom Egbani men in Lagos usually mistaken to be in the rank of a Commodore (an equivalent of Brigadier General in the Army or Air Commodore in the Air Force, respectively) was, allegedly, hired for the dirty job. All the plans looked so beautiful in their eyes! The clandestine operation was sealed, and methodically and progressively executed until their hope was drowned – the main man and arrowhead was violated and then jeopardised. Are you sure this Okorie Anoh family are really from Ugwulangwu, they questioned themselves; we’re yet to unravel where their strange and mystical foothold is anchored. Umunna, they were flabbergasted. Their fates are being determined. 

It is worthy to observe the sequence here; the fight is majorly heralded by the Umunkaigbos for example, Ngene Ukeh, Nwigwe Nweke, Idika Okoro and Eze Nwachukwu Akpi families. Recall that Mgbom Egbani kingdom is made up of Umunkaigbo, Umuneze and Amebor. The few from other parts of the Mgbom Egbani kingdom other than Umunkaigbo are relatives of the Umunkaigbos who are engaging in the unholy and unproductive fight. For example, Mr Ukobo of Umuneze is a relative of the Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony and Ngene Ukeh both of Umunkaigbo. It follows that the majority and other well-meaning individuals from the Umuneze and Amebor villages are not involved in the battle. Also, a teaming number of the Umunkaigbos are not in the fight too.

While the plans were ongoing on how to petition the Nigerian Naval Headquarters to relieve the young Naval Officer of the Anoh’s family of his job, little did anyone know that Mr UNN (and family) had a very big log of wood in his very eyes but he was busy running after a non-existing dust in another’s eyes. Mr UNN is the second son of Mr Nwigwe Nweke – a retired problematic teacher from the Umunkaigbo. Mr Nwigwe Nweke, just like Ngene Ukeh, is a major problem in Umunkaigbo.

Mr UNN studied partly in Comprehensive Secondary School, Mgbom Ugwulangwu. He was also a schoolmate of the young Naval Officer of the Okorie Anoh’s family at the famous Government College Afikpo. Mr UNN was unlucky with education and could not finish his studies in the prestigious Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnics. Maybe a member of the Satanic Church in Mgbom Egbani kingdom and was missing his gang in the village so much, he returned to join his members from the Polytechnic graduating with a BDC (Beautiful Damsel Certificate) instead of the required HND certificate and has since based in the village.  

According to the Facebook post reporting the footage of the horrible and atrocious handiworks of Mr UNN, Maazi IUA reported the destruction of a yam farmland belonging to Mr Friday Ogbonna Nweke, a cousin brother of Mr UNN (see video clips). You may want to know that Mr Nwigwe Nweke and Mr Ogbonna Nweke were two brothers. While Mr UNN was born by Mr Nwigwe Nweke, Mr Friday is the son of Mr Ogbonna Nweke. As Mr Nwigwe Nweke is based in the village, Mr Ogbonna Nweke was a traveller who had recently relocated his family to the village, but died shortly afterwards. 

Mr Friday was to build a house and requested from the family to show him a place for the project. A piece of the family’s land was nominated to Mr Friday close to Chief Sunday Nwaji Njoku’s place; just before Mr Friday could wake up, it was alleged that Mr UNN had gone to the site to drop off ONE trip of sand that he wants to build there too – a common practise of the father. Mr Friday defied Mr UNN’s ill-actions and built there. Since then, Mr Friday had become a sore soul to behold by Mr UNN.

The present trouble is about the farmland where Mr Friday had cultivated yam, cassava and maize which had well-grown as you could see from that post of Maazi IUA on 16 May 2021 on his Facebook handle. To inflict a major pain on Mr Friday, Mr UNN was alleged to have gone to destroy Mr Friday’s flourishing crops and farmlands. It was alleged that this is the second time Mr UNN and his immediate family have destroyed Mr Friday’s farmland. In fact, Mr Friday had reported the first incidence of destroying his farmlands to the unconscionable elders of the Mgbom Egbani kingdom but nothing was done about it. Angered by the second, Mr Friday moved to confront his fate, allegedly destroying another farmland belonging to Mr UNN’s family in retaliation, just as Pastor Tuwenyaba (a.k.a Mpiawa) stopped him. According to Maazi IUA, there were more than one sites allegedly ruined by Mr UNN with the intention of doing more except for the not-so-timely intervention of a highly revered cleric of the area – Pastor Mpiawa. It was gathered that Mr UNN’s father always feigned sickness whenever such matter arose but was very hale and hearty to attend security meeting against the Anoh’s. 

The major point of attraction and concern is that since the illicit actions of the Mr UNN were carried out, no single person from the Mgbom Egbani extraction including Aja Nwigwe, Nwoshiri Igboke, the Idika’s (e.g. Joe Idika and Emmanuel Idika), Mr Ukobo, Ngene Ukeh, Ogbonna Nwigwe or the politicians have reported it on social media. No security meeting was held. No village town hall meeting was held. No emergency meeting was called. No social media broadcast was seen, etc. until Maazi IUA brought it to the fore. Then we ask, why? Could it be due to the satanic church of the Mgbom Egbani kingdom. We invite Mr Sunday Itumo to ask him if these resembled the Fulanis, Bandits or Terrorists that he referred to earlier, or could he be an accomplice? Or, could Mr Itumo be a part of The Satanic Church. 

On the other hand, it is necessary to explore why self-help is gradually becoming the norm in the Mgbom Egbani kingdom. Truth is increasingly becoming an expensive commodity in the area. Credible men and women of the area, and Ugwulangwu Community at large should speak up and suffocate injustices before anarchy becomes the chairperson of the kingdom. The people in the area are not happy, some are just hanging in the balance and could risk their fate sooner no matter the costs just like Mr Friday has done.

You could recall that Mr Aja Nwigwe and his gang imposed on, and received a fine of, N150,000 naira from the family of Mr Okorie Anoh for reporting a kidnapping case to the police. According to Mr Aja Nwigwe and his gang, anyone that involves the police against his brethren shall pay a fine of N10,000, however N150,000 was received in the case of the Mr Okorie Anoh’s family. It would interest you to know that Mr Ngene Ukeh had, allegedly, arrested Mr Ngene Okorie (both from Umunkaigbo) taking him to Afikpo divisional police, up until today, there has been no fine nor village meeting to that effect. There are several other similarly examples.  

We call on the Ebonyi State Government to dissolve the leadership of the Mgbom Egbani kingdom as it has long become a tool of victimisation to the less privileged. We also call on all the well-meaning individuals in Ugwulangwu to rise to the defence of Mr Friday Nweke in order to get justice, as Mr Friday and his immediate family members continue to ask the Nwigwe Nweke’s for their own part of the Pa Nnaa-Nweke’s properties, their late grandfather.

Although the Holy Bible remains our One and Only Absolute, there is an exact opposite of The Satanic Bible if anyone be overwhelmed by the Spirit of Indulgence. Written by Rebecca Brown, Prepare For War, is a necessary cook-book for delivering those swept and entangled by the Spirit of Indulgence. It teaches how to deliver them that have become deep in hard-core Satanism. There are “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision:” perhaps thinking that the Lord is far, but it says, “for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.” In that valley, he would instruct his servants to “Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe … for the vast overflow; for their wickedness is great.” That’s the Holy Bible. Come unto me all ye that are heavy laden – with acrimony, Come; with envy, Come; with hatred, Come; with all manner of indulgence, Come; – and I will give you rest, says the Holy Scriptures. 

We understand that it’s not their fault; these power brokers are under some influence. The Black Pope, Anton LaVey, described it as the Carnal Nature or Spirit of Indulgence. They need help. Our popular Secondary School hymnal recognized this problem, when it says “oh, what a needless pain we bear, …” and asks these power brokers to “… take it to the Lord in Prayers.” And, we assure them, forgiveness and deliverance are sure.

As always, when an evil practice persists for one year, it becomes a custom; all reasonable men in Mgbom Egbani, nay, Ugwulangwu at large should insist on doing the right thing, no matter whose ox is goured. They should be none so above the reach of justice that a supposed arbiter will be so scared of making a definite pronouncement in his case. We urged a thorough finding of fact on the abominable destruction of farm lands that have infested Nwigwe Nweke’s family, and not only condemn it ; but do all what’s within reason to ensure that Mr. Friday Nweke get his due from the intestate estate of his late LP grandfather.

Justice in Mgbom Egbani should not be on whims and caprices, schemed only for Okorie Anoh’s family ; rather, it should be for all and sundry, despite their social status.  We must all desist from those passions that constantly seek the undoing of our brothers and sisters, for the mill of God grinds slowly but certainly.

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