News: PDP Found Its Voice, Calls For The Sack And Investigation of Pantmi


The Peoples Democratic party (PDP) has lend its voice to the controversy trailing the alleged link of the incumbent Minister of communication and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Pantmi to Al-Queda and Taliban terrorist Organizations.

Sequel to the admission of the alleged fact of his link to extremism by Mr. Pantmi yesterday, when he denounced his extremist past, saying that such were due to youthful exuberances, as he is now mature, alot of reactions have followed the admission.

The PDP in a press conference called on the DSS to look into the allegations against Pantmi, because they are too sensitive to be ignored; especially as terrorism and banditry is gaining momentum at the moment.

The Party went ahead to call on Buhari to sack Pantmi of the Ministerial post, since he has access to some sensitive information of the country which could further compromise the already strained security situation of the country if he is not sacked without delay.

As always, the PDP called on Nigerians to be security conscious and provide useful information to the security agencies in the overall interest of the country.

The party said that the most worrisome part of the whole series of allegations, is the aspect of the allegation that NIN is being provided for those who are not Nigerians, in outright disregard of our extant laws on this issue.

Be that as it is, most Nigerians have called out PDP, particularly the Northern elements of the party that they have refused to speak on the alleged link of Pantmi to terrorist organizations, a subject that has had viral effect on the internet for some days now.

One thing seems to be common in this Pantmization saga, every voice of reason want him sacked, investigated and prosecuted; while the Northern power block are fighting to save of their own as usual.


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