TWITTER : Lai Blames Lost Of Twitter African Headquarter To Ghana On Nigerians


The Minister for Information, Alhaji Lai Muhammed has blamed those who are demarketing the country, for the lost of Twitter African Headquarter to Ghana. He said that those who felt that they are fighting the Government, are busy innudating the media space, particularly, the social Media space with negative publicity about the country


However, the Minister called for the positive projection of the country, by all and sundry ; as doing that will put the country in its pride of place.

As always, some informed commentators who do not want their names in print, blamed, Lai for being the propagator of fake news and misinformation.

In another breath, one recalled how fabricated issues and outright falsehood dominated his messages and information, as the APC, National Publicity Secretary, a position that earned him the ignoble title, “Lie”, one the source said.

In another angle, Nigerians are of the view that those who shrunk our democratic space from 2015, make peaceful protest, a grave crime, gag, and intimidate the media cum constant threats and counter threats, to censor the social media space; are actually those, responsible for the once acclaimed giant of Africa to take the back seat in the Twitter African Headquarter issue.

Another queried, why a reasonable business man of Jack standing will chose a country with no electricity, no media freedom,  incessant clampdown on media houses, lack of predictability in our public policy ; to mention just a few of the ills that envelope the country?


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