Tinubu Joins Nigerians Labour Challenge on the Dignity of Labour, After his Osogbo Gaffe


The Emilokan, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has on a campaign rally at Osogbo thrown abusive words on Nigerian masses, saying they will Labour to death. An outburst unbecoming of a presidential aspirant who ought to be looking for a way to narrow our fault lines, and unify the country.

As always, Mr. Peter Obi responded in his usual humane man, there’s dignity in Labour, said Obi; leading to all the hardworking Nigerian masses to start the dignity of Labour Challenge, emphasising that those who earn money without working are criminals.

The people have been showing what they do to earn a living legitimately. The dignity of Labour Challenge has been trending for some days now, only for the desperate politician to realize his gaffe and joined the challenge.

Indeed, a man of Tinubu’s wealth needs to convince the hardworking Nigerians on what he did legitimately to become the biggest landlord in Africa. Work has been the known antidote to poverty, but for a supposed leader to publicly declare that hard working Nigerians will Labour to death is the end of shame to say the least. What do we have to learn from Tinubu Presidency is the concern of the masses. Should will worship criminality and condemn hardwork?

See the Emilokan tweet below in his Twitter handle @officialABAT :

Working hard to secure our future, one for all Nigerians, for our families and our great nation.
Hard work is Nigerian.
Proud to be working hard with Nigerians by my side.

#labourchallenge #BAT23 https://t.co/yW4h72fn7y

The truth is that no man should be in need of anything that he cannot do without it. Such affliction has been the undoing of Tinubu in his long life ambition.

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