SDP & LABOUR PARTY Merged in Benue State to Confront the Ruling Party


The much desired Merger and Coalitions of the small parties to form formidable opposition that can give the Ruling party and PDP run for their monies, may have started to take root as SDP and Labour Party collapsed its structure in Benue State to work as common front.

As always, working together would have been the surest route to victory for the smaller parties, but some of them are alleged to be on the pay roll of politicians in the bigger parties who used them as placeholder for elections. No doubt, such practices have hindered the evolution of the so called smaller parties into something reasonable.

News has it that Kwankwaso has hinted on collapsing his structure for Emilokan if he could go beyond his much touted grip on Kano. If such assertion is anything to go by, that’s Kwankwaso being a placeholder for Emilokan, what would have been the fate of the people movement had it been that Peter Obi and Labour Party merged with him?

The truth is that for there to be true evolution of our political culture, Monetized politics needs to be toned down, while reduction of our poverty status becomes a matter of urgent public importance.

See the tweet below @Odusolaolawale

SDP and LP merger in Benue State is a welcome development. We are expecting more of such collaboration so as to strengthen our structure across the country. SDP came second in Ekiti just concluded guber election. We are expecting Ekiti SDP to merge with us.

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