Terrorism: Kaduna Based Terrorist Negotiator Secures Release Of Seven Among the Abducted Kaduna Train Passengers


Tukur Mamu, a Kaduna based publisher who successfully negotiates the release of the Kaduna bound train kidnapped victims remaining 46 in the terrorists den.

As always , the Negotiator confirms that the kuje prison attack has everything to do with the Abuja kaduna train attack due to the fact that the regime refused to release their comrades as demanded by the insurgents.

He confirmed that he sent their demand letter to DSS,National Assembly and all the relevant government agencies but they ignored their demand which he has successfully negotiated to release 10 of their members.

He said that the Buhari regime and its agencies are in the know of the impending kuje prison attack. yet nothing was done.

Also, he bemoaned the lack of political will and and requisite intelligence to deal with the situation, urging Buhari to apply stick and carrot approach.

Why hasn’t Buhari sacked any of the people responsible, where do the terrorists get such sophisticated weapons, the negotiator asked.

Due to the cold posture of the government, I have resolved that I will no longer participate in the negotiation because of little or no support from government .

My life is even in danger; the Negotiator said.
If nothing urgent is done by the government within the next three days Nigerians should hold the government responsible. If you engage them, they listen and make concessions if talked to, Tukur Mamu,said of the terrorists.

He gave the credit of the successful negotiation to Ahmad Gumi. He is doing a lot of underground work on how to successfully resolve the issue of insurgency in the country. I won’t do anything without his approval if government has given Gumi full cooperation, this whole problem would have been over.

Was Ransom paid for their released,the Arise Tv news caster,queried the negotiator?
As far as I am concerned no single kobo was paid aside from their threats to slaughter the individuals. I convinced them that some of them have terrible health challenges, and they agreed on those humanitarian grounds.

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