Stable Power Supply: Peter Obi Understudy Egyptian Power Plants with Engineers


It is no longer news that the APC regime plunge Nigeria to wanton problems, ranging from insecurity, unemployment, ASUU strikes, nepotism and decay in whatever human capital development index that one could think of.

This is not the best of time for Nigerian Electricity consumers as the National grid has collapsed this year 17th times.It seems that whatever dividend of democracy the people crave for that could be delivered by this regime.

Peter Obi has earlier informed his audience that he shall be going to Egypt to study what lies behind their drastic improvements in power supply, but to our reasonable surprise, paid Agents of politicians who used to go abroad every now and then for medical attention have been crying that Peter Obi ought to be in Ekiti where his supposed Party Structure has been collapsed to APC before Obi joined the Party.

We all know what power means and can do if we get it right. Therefore, we need someone who has whatever it takes to solve this puzzle for us. Can those who sold our essential assets do that for us when they are Mikano merchants and Manufacturers.

Peter obi is already studying the Egyptian power sector with the Egyptian power Engineers. Expect the miracle in our power sector with Peter Obi on the saddle.

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  1. Obi is very objective and he has the mental ability to solve the power problems and thank God, his trip to Egypt to further study about the challenges is a big leverage and if he is elected , will surely forestall the problems permanently.
    Mc paulo.

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