Forget the Church Welfare And Prayers if You Don’t Have PVC.


From today,you cannot collect prayer assignments without showing your PVC. All traders in OPM Divine market will not be permitted to sell in the market if he or she does not have PVC. Remember! Everyone selling in the OPM Divine market doesn’t pay for shop it is hundred percent free.

See his tweet below;

I gave all the shops free of charge and i gave ninety percent of more than one twenty traders their money to start the business.

In Omega Power Ministry (OPM), for more than twelve years, the welfare officer of OPM has been attending to people with different needs every week for twelve years now.

But, from now on, before you come for any form of assistance to the OPM Welfare Department, you must come with your PVC without PVC ,security will not give you tag to come in.

All this were revealed by Apostle Chibuzor G. Chinyere while ministering to his congregation today. This is the same GOC that rose up to the occasion by reaching out to Deborah’s parents during their trying ordeal because of the death of their daughter who was murdered in Sokoto by extremist Muslims who claimed that she blasphemed their prophet.

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