Tinubu Is Riding a Dead Horse, Comrade Otitolaye Declares


The human right crusader, Comrade Otitolaye Taiwo in reaction to the emergence of Asiwaju Tinubu as the presidential flagbearer of the All Progressive Congress APC said that Tinubu is riding a dead horse.

Read his post on his Facebook handle below;

The Other Angle

Tinubu Is Riding A Dead Horse

I have said it VERY LOUD AND CLEAR before now!

What you see in the All Progressive Congress (APC) Party after the June 7th presidential primary is the CARCASS OF A DEAD HORSE..

So, the flag bearer is only riding on a dead horse.

Atiku is the REAL CANDIDATE of the Fulani Oligarchy.

They waited and postponed the APC Presidential Primary until they’re sure that Atiku has emerged.

The seemingly rattling of the South by NORTHERN POLITICAL ELEMENTS in the APC
was a diversionary display of power scheme.

Now they can be rest assured that they will FULLY WORK for Atiku’s emergence at the general elections.

No matter who is TINUBU’s running mate does not change anything. This is power and the fulani does not joke with POWER!

Only very few, can see the TIME BOMB…… Consolidation of power and expansion of territories.

I can see that the social media is agog with cacophonous celebrations and sarcasm by some who should know better. Even many who are supposedly ACTIVISTS are caught up in the euphoria of deceitful celebrations and analysis. They cannot see the looming dangers.

They have thrown caution to the winds.

The South will be DIVIDED BETWEEN PETER OBI AND TINUBU while the oligarchy irrespective of their Political linens, will work for the emergence of Atiku.

If this cup shall passover.

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