Event Centre Rejects Labour Party Meeting Today In Lagos


It is quite unfortunate that the Nigerian political landscape is becoming quite toxic to democratic ethos and values, as news filtering in now has it that Nobis Event Centre Okota, Lagos where Labour Party members ought to hold their maiden meeting as widely reported has cancelled the proposed meeting at the dyeing minutes; Citing political victimisation by power that be in Lagos State.

This is according to a tweet droped by a Lawyer in his Twitter handle @ Malachyodo1 thus:

The Nobis Event centre might be in for a breach of contract if those that intend to use the venue furnished consideration for it.
Again, it is worrisome that in 21st century , democracy is still struggling to take firm root in Nigeria. Why can’t the actors especially the Lagos state Landlord desist from playing lagoon politics which was deployed against the Igbos in the last Electoral cycle by those who must win at all cost?
As always, we urge Peter Obi supporters and Labour party members to take the challenge with pride, as it is nothing but a symptom of dying political dynasty who cannot boldly face Peter Obi rising influence fuelled by organic support.
Indeed, it is the time for Nigerian Youths who have been neglected and degraded by political profiteers to cause revolution through the ballot.And Revolution, we shall cause.

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