Lawyer Sues Peace Mass Transit Ltd Over #500, Wins Big At Enugu High Court


News filtering in now has it that an Enugu based Legal Practitioner, Patrick C. Chukwuma, practicing in the law firm of Eze, Dimude of Eze & Co. filed a suit on 28th July 2021 challenging the laters policy of non-refund of transport fares after payment.

As always, the Plaintiff Counsel paid #500 ticket from Obaliafor park to Enugu, only to be delayed for more than two hours for want of passengers.

Sequel to the above, he demanded for the refund of his money so that he can seek an alternative means of transport to Enugu but the management refused ; citing the non-refundable clause as written on their reciept.

The counsel was harrassed and called unprintable names, prompting him to leave his money for them and went to Enugu through alternative route.

However, the Plaintiff counsel letter to the Defendant’s company, demanding for his money and a public apology was rebuffed by the popular Mass transit company in their usual gestapo style.

Based on the foregoing, the counsel through his team of lawyers led by Barrister Tochukwu Odo in Suit No E/214/2021 was able to convince the court that refusal of the transport company is a gross violation of section 120 of  Federal Competition and Consumers Protection Act, 2018 especially when a contractual Obligation to convey the Plaintiff counsel to his destination was terminated.

The Honourable Court went ahead to award #500, 000.00 as damages to the Plaintiff.

This case is a wake up call to service providers that the Nigerian populace are becoming more aware of their rights as most people will not hesitate to seek redress for whatever infraction no matter how trivia.

Our society can only get better with lawyers.

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