A Kezaious Woman and Home Breaker: Nnenna Nwokporoko Allegedly Hits Another Home In The House of God By Chibuike Anoh


Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko has been a member of the Assemblies of God’s Church, Mgbom 1 (Onu-Nwezoegu), in Mgbom Ugwulangwu, Ohaozara LGA, Ebonyi State. Unfortunately, the church recently started denying her of any membership of the fold, perhaps given the complicated escapades of the woman. In 2012, reports of the licentious activities of the lady were presented to the then pastor of the Mgbom 1 Church, but the pastor looked away. When that pastor left the church, further immoral operations of the woman were reported to both Mrs Agnes Okereke Ukeh, a long-term deaconess of the church and a new pastor of the same church; they all looked away.

On 26th October 2013, a child [name withheld] mistakenly interrupted Ms Nnenna Nwkoporoko and an operator of a Garri-processing plant in Mgbom area of Mgbom Ugwulangwu while the duo were in a wheelbarrow position. The operator was digging deep into the bottomless pit of Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko when the child’s elated moment was suddenly punctuated by their unholy act. Furious about the interruption, it was alleged that Ms Nnenna annoyingly spanked the child which further saddened the minor’s moment of happiness. While crying out her emotions, the child grudgingly approached the parents in search of succour, and they responsibly probed into why the minor was shedding tears. When the parents finally uncovered the reason for the child’s cry, they confronted Ms Nnenna and the Operator. The matter was later reported to the then Pastor of Assemblies of God church in Mgbom 1 and the deaconess, as the church was usually identified in the area. Unfortunately, the pastor doused the report and the matter, instead, allegedly turned Ms Nnenna to a form of his second wife including fronting her as a major representative of the church. For example, the pastor at that time nominated and sent Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko to represent that Assemblies of God’s Church, Mgbom 1, in their meetings at Amasiri in the present Afikpo North of Ebonyi State. As if these were not enough, Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko is again into another unholy news at the same church, this time with a Deacon in the church.

From 2019 until date, you may wish to recall that Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko has been in the news while she and the Satanic Church gang of Mgbom Egbani arrogantly but shamefully schemed on imposing the woman as a member of Mr Okorie Anoh’s family. The woman, Ms Nnenna, Mgbom Egbani chiefs and some politicians worked tirelessly on seizing Mr Okoro Chukwu (a.k.a. Owutu) ‘s family. They fraudulently attempted to manufacture and impose a non-existent marriage on Mr Okorie Anoh so as to claim Mr Owutu’s family as theirs; because Owutu is a man of basic means – shameful. The woman who uses her bottom-powers and mystical prowess manipulated the chiefs of Mgbom Egbani and the politicians who threw in all they had in her support during the crises. Because she has been the lazy type, she targets homes that are economically stable so as to, craftly, sneak into them as a bona fide member. Her tactics are now well defined and obvious.

Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko entices men of easy virtue through immoral relationships as her first step. She further advances her steps into a man’s home through a pregnancy, whether the man in the immoral relationship was responsible for the imposed pregnancy or not. Afterwards, Ms Nnenna unworthily solicits for the supports of chiefs, politicians and all other unsuspecting personnels of the area; engaging the support services of the chiefs and politicians, through yet another immoral relationship – nsutu. Through this method and backed with her witchcraft escapades, Ms Nnenna gains the supports of unsuspecting masses to herself whom the chiefs and politicians of the area may have deceived. Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko applied these steps towards sneaking into the family of the Assemblies of God’s Deacon. Unfortunately, the Deacon’s wife was faster than Ms Nnenna as she blocked Nnenna’s adventure before things could go out of control.

If you have been following the news of immoral records of Ms Nnenna and evil efforts of Mgbom Egbani kingdom, you will notice that it has just been, barely, two months after the Ebonyi State Government sternly warned Ms Nnenna and her sponsors to desist from distracting, intruding and interfering on the affairs and properties of Mr Okorie Anoh’s family. Unfortunately, the wayward woman has surfaced in the news again for attempting to force herself into another flourishing family in Mgbom Ugwulangwu. The nymphomaniac, Ms Nnenna, was alleged to have seduced another family man into another amorous relationship. She always targets prominent and stable families of recorded principles and values. This time around, Ms Nnenna had crept into the life of a Deacon of the Assemblies of God’s church, Mgbom 1 and of course allegedly bribing the Deacon into some intimate relationship. It was alleged that when the Deacon’s wife discovered the inordinate relationship, she raised an alarm confronting her husband. The woman’s confrontation to her husband was not a palatable one and thus led to a brutal brawl between the Deacon of Assemblies of God’s church and the wife. The news went round, and the woman was summoned by the elders in council of the church and later suspended for fighting with her husband, the Deacon.

Similarly, the church also summoned the Deacon to ascertain the true relationship of the licentious woman (Nnenna Nwokporoko) with him. On Sunday, 7th November 2021, after several weeks of thorough investigations, the church allegedly found the Deacon culpable of the accused immoral relationship with Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko. Consequently, the Deacon was disfellowshipped by the pastor of the Assemblies of God church. To confuse the uninformed members of the church amongst others, the pastor allegedly announced that the Deacon was being suspended because of the fight he had with his wife, however, he failed to explain to the congregation the reason for the exchange of fists and the true reason for suspending the Deacon.

We really sympathise with the problem that has bedevilled the family of the Deacon and indeed the Assemblies of God’s church consequent on the insatiable lover of nsutu. On this premise, we would like to draw the general public’s attention, especially women; if you notice the legs of Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko around your home, do all you can to safeguard your husband. It would interest you to note that some two key deaconesses of the Assemblies of God’s church from Mgbom Egbani (Umunkaigbo, in particular) allegedly worked hard in discouraging the pastor from sanctioning the Deacon due to the undue dent the news would further attract to their weapon of warfare (Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko) against the family of Mr Okorie Anoh. Consequent upon this and other things, one of the deaconesses’ families in Umunkaigbo has started working very hard to boot the pastor out of the church.

It goes to imply that the putative milf, Ms Nnenna Onyema Nwokporoko, hustles for indifferent, passive and active milf-men. In other words, the lady is a lazy milf who has refused to look for anything meaningful to earn a living from, instead she gleans her daily bread from violating family men. It might be mind-boggling to reason and possibly true that those men of Mgbom Ugwulangwu living away from home who knew the truth and craved massive but unworthy supports for the Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko towards fraudulently becoming a member of the Anoh’s family may have been doing so for their own personal interests. Among others, they might have weighed in their supports in preparedness for a shagging contract with the lewd woman, for example, whenever they arrive in the country.

We would also like to invite the attentions and supports of Mr Ogbonna Nwigwe, Okorie Ukobo, Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony, Emmanuel Idika, Aja Nwigwe, Nwoshiri Igboke, Uneke Nwigwe and others to scoop solidarity for the Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko in the prevailing yet another immoral and unholy escapade of attempting to distraught a stable family in our community. These fighters for injustice ignored that Mr Owutu – their own kinsman – had been helplessly begging for the return of his family immorally seized by the chiefs of Mgbom Egbani Kingdom for over 14 years, chiefly headed by Ogbonna Nwigwe, Okorie Ukobo, Aja Nwigwe (chairman) and Nwoshiri Igboke (secretary), with the efforts of Ngene Ukeh, Ogbonna Nweze, Nwigwe Nweke and the politicians of the area including the late Idika Okoro who died while bearing false witness on the matter.

Recently, Ms Nnenna Nwokporo allegedly visited her regular witch doctor in Okigwe who demanded Ms Nnenna to bring with her a man that would stand with her to receive some charm she sought to infest our landed property in order to cause deaths. Ms Nnenna allegedly approached her brother, Ikechukwu Onyema Nwokporoko, who declined going with her but warned her to relocate to Amegbu (i.e. Owutu’s family) as Owutu remains the only customarily and legally known husband that their father – Onyema Nwokporoko – has given her hand in marriage to; that she was never married to the Anoh’s. This led to a heated altercation and public show of shame between Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko and Mr Ikechukwu, the elder brother. Enraged by Ikechukwu’s assertion, Ms Nnenna struck Mr Ikechukwu back on what moral ground he had to challenge her as well as declining her request; she reminded Mr Ikechukwu of the One Thousand Five Hundred Naira (N1,500) bribe she used to hire him to bear false witness for her at HRH Eze R. F. Iyioku’s palace during the peaceful proceeding initiated by the Ebonyi State Government. Angered by that confession, Mr Ikechukwu confronted Ms Nnenna that of all her mystical endeavours and charms that she used to hypnotise Mgbom Egbani kingdom to win their support on whatever she says, what was the result? Na so truth go dey comot.

On this, I really weep for Mgbom Egbani as they are worth only a bottle of aromatic schnaps, kolanut, alligator pepper and some infinitesimal ten naira. You may recall that in one of my previous submissions, I conjectured that the Mgbom Egbani kingdom might be under a serious spell and Ms Nnenna and her brother – Ikechukwu – have thus proven me right. For people like Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony who championed some bribery allegation on us, it becomes evident that he must have contributed or was just hypnotised by the wayward woman in the crises – Pastor Ekwensu, your cup go soon full. The case of Joe Idika Okoro who assumed the position of Youth Chairman (although a lie) in a video that Ogbonna Nwigwe allegedly paid Twenty Thousand Naira (N20,000) to sponsor, history will remember you. Of course, the family of lies will continually survive by their trade as the father – Idika Okoro – died while bearing false witness on the matter; as his son – Emmanuel Idika Okoro – has been bearing false witness on the matter also.

Moreso, the family of Owutu of Amegbu Mgbom had recently delegated six (6) men from their family to storm the family of Onyema Nwokporoko of Amandim Mgbom Ugwulangwu to demand for the family of their brother. That visit did not go well, as Ms Nnenna greeted them with unwholesome confrontations; nevertheless, the message has been passed. Recall that Ebonyi State Government, Ezokechima Development Association (EDA), Traditional Ruler of Ugwulangwu (HRH Eze R. F. Iyioku), the Customary Court, and Coordinator of Ohaozara Development Centre have independently investigated and in unison ruled that Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko should be returned to her customary and legal husband – Mr Okoro Chukwu (a.k.a. Owutu). You can read more about that here.

As her drowning records continue to deepen, Ms Nnenna has successfully mutilated the profile of the unfortunate Deacon. But life moves on for her. While the Assemblies of God’s Deacon was just writhing in the excruciating pains of damages done to his person by Ms Nnenna, another man from Okposi was already smiling home with the lady in the same November 2021 – what an unfortunate man. As I write, Ms Nnenna has already started cohabiting with another unfortunate lover from our neighbouring village – Okposi – for over two months now. The man should be regarded as unfortunate as a number of men have, serially, died in the periods of her romance with them. On the other hand, Ms Nnenna is never in short supply of men.

While these dirty secrets are becoming worse and unveiled, the politicians in Ugwulangwu, chiefs of Mgbom Egbani and their politicians have continued to send spies to our family. Moreso, some of the spies have been influenced by some unwholesome promises of certain appointments and other job opportunities. These are in furtherance of their steps in attacking our family. I will be talking about these in my next episode, stay tuned.

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