The Mercantile High Priest Of The Church of Satan In Mgbom Egbani: Why Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony & His Cronies Are Hell Bent On Imposing Non-existent Marriage On The Late Okorie Anoh By Chibuike Okorie



When they say people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony binned that caution and went as far as going into a busy market to shoot up arrows forgetting that his father, mother and siblings including his wife and children were in attendance; popular adages. Here, we present to you a summarised version of the priesthood escapades of Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony, the eclectic pastor of The Satanic Church in Mgbom Egbani and why he is fighting dirty to manufacture a non-existent marriage relationship between Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko and Mr Okorie Anoh, against the immemorial customs and traditions of Ugwulangwu, nay, Igbo Land. The Church of Satan is a congregation of a scattered meta-tribe whose carnal nature will out. These special group of people are endowed with indulgence, hypocrisy and all carnal gratifications of man. Mr Chukwuebuka is an eclectic pastor of the church, who obtains his powers from marine (water spirits), wizardry, gods of the land, cultism, sorcery, idolatry, etc. To drive home this presentation, we start with a 22-year old impunity story in Mgbom Egbani kingdom that was swept under the carpet. 

In August 1999, a group of children were falsely accused of desecrating the land in Mgbom Egbani kingdom. Mr Okoro Eze Nwazugo of Umuazum in Umunkaigbo of the kingdom and others including Mr Ngene Ukeh proscribed those children as evil doers. It was the night of nkpọchu-awha (i.e. traditional new year’s eve) and those children had gone to pray as usual. Note, awha is a god of the new year. In one of their usual exercises, they were going on what they called “Victory Match”; those of you with SU background should know about this. In tandem, one following another in a straight-line fashion, on the road leading from Aja Mgbom through Mr Agbafor Nwakwo’s place to Mr Ozoemena Njoku’s place, the youngsters held their lanterns that shone lights on the road while singing their victory songs. On reaching the Okoro Eze Nwazugo’s side (also the defunct family compound of Mr Okorie Ukobo), came the Mr Nwazugo running at jet’s speed towards the children. He intercepted an unfortunate child in the long queue of the victory match line breaking the group into two. Out of fear, some retreated and went back as they came while other courageous ones continued through the Mr Ozoemena Njoku’s route to Enukoro-egụ and back to Enu-Akpara where they finally converged, said their prayers and dispersed. 

While Mr Nwazugo sped at the jet’s speed straight from his compound intercepting the one at the centre of the victory match line, the unlucky child was Sister Ngozi Nwinyinya. The Mr Nwazugo seized the lantern held by the sister and smashed it on the hapless girl. She was beaten black and blue by Mr Nwazugo. That encounter with Mr Nwazugo forcefully removed two of Sister Ngozi’s teeth, leaving the sister permanently disfigured until today. Those children were battered with all manner of names, lies and falsehood by Mgbom Egbani chiefs; the major one was ịpa-awha. In other words, they alleged that the children stole the god of the new year. Mr Nwagba Igbudu, whose compound was about a mile away from the scene of the event and was absent at the scene, later told the congregation of elders that the sister held nvụekwụ (chaff from palm oil processing) and was chanting fire-fire; “fire-fire ọwhụtara ṅụnụ a ndi-ibe anyị abụ sọ ọkụ chu a (i.e. what does fire-fire mean my people, except let fire consume)” was a part of Mr Nwagba’s false testaments. In a next schedule to settle the confusion, SU Nigeria sent representatives from the Afikpo zone for which those children were under. Noting all manner of lies manufactured by the congregation of elders, the children told the elders that they should give them some time to pray. On hearing prayer, those elders turned around and begged the children not to engage in any prayers yet that they would work to settle the matter in earnest. End of drama; the malicious allegation of ịpaawha died and the matter swept under the carpet. Those children I was talking about were youths that embraced the popular Scripture Union informally known as SU for short. Some of the youths have now grown up to become pastors – you can easily verify this. That matter was politicised till today my people, no justice was served to the poor children and the victim of that assault – Ms Ngozi Nwinyinya. The morale of this story, among others, is that most people in Mgbom Egbani kingdom abhor truth and genuine prayers to God. They sow lies and reap disgrace.

That most power brokers in Mgbom Egbani kingdom abhor truth, boldness, genuine prayers to God, a praying person or family, a truthful person or family, is corroboratively valid in the crises that they manufactured for the Okorie Anoh’s family. The most insulting part of this is that the so-called clergies from the kingdom are not different, for example, Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony and Pastor Okereke Nwankwo (see attached video clip). Recall that Mgbom Egbani kingdom is made up of Umunkaigbo, Umuneze and Amebor villages; all of these in Mgbom Autonomous Community of Ugwulangwu. This article majorly explores the handiworks of Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony in the crises, and majority of his endless dark lifestyles even as a clergy and an indigene of Mgbom Egbani. Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony is the first-son of Mr Anthony Eze Nwachukwuakpi of the Egbe-ogu family. Within the Umunkaigbo, the Egbe-ogu family (which includes Idika Okoro, Nwaji Okoro, Eze Nwachukwuakpi, etc.) are referred to as Umuchukwu kindred. On the other hand, the Okorie Anoh’s family is from the Umuanoh kindred. It follows that all the noise of the self-appointed pastor that he and Okorie Anoh’s family are ekee-achịba (kit and kin, i.e. from the same Umuchukwu) is false. 

Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony was born as Mr Chukwuakpi Eze to the family of Mr Anthony Eze Nwachukwuakpi in Umunkaigbo. Based on these, the names Chukwuakpi, Chukwuebuka or simply Ebuka will be used interchangeably throughout this presentation. He is generally loquacious, vulgarious, obnoxious, rebellious, idolatrous, deceptive, lousy and noisy; he talks like the father i.e. in a noisy way. Pastor Chukwuakpi lies very easily to prove his point. He belittles anyone at will. Just like Mr Uneke Nwigwe Nweke of the Umungene branch of the Umunkaigbo village, Pastor Chukwuakpi is unlucky with education. He is also unlucky with business too. He is an expert in manipulating people to earn a living.  

Earlier in his life, Mr Chukwuakpi attended the famous Presbyterian Church of Nigeria (PCN), Mission Hill, in Mgbom Ugwulangwu. In those days, Mr Chukwuakpi and one other person [name withheld] from the same Idika Okoro’s area fought with the elders of the PCN Mission Hill because they were promoting a different doctrine. That endeavour nearly earned Pastor Chukwuakpi alongside his colleague a suspension from the kirk session of the PCN Mission Hill, Mgbom Ugwulangwu. To dodge the sledgehammer of PCN, Mr Chukwuakpi and his colleague fled from the church to continue their foreign doctrine. From the village, Mr Chukwuakpi and his colleague relocated to Lagos State where they formed a church called Living Church. Not long into the new church business, Mr Chukwuebuka and his colleague disagreed arresting and counter-arresting themselves with police; faulty foundation. That was how the Living Church business failed and the business ended. No one is however sure of how he came about his new title of “Pastor”. It can be seen that Mr Chukwuakpi finds it difficult cooperating with others or submitting to constituted authorities, institutions or organisations and the consequences may be one of the things hunting him. In fact, he is rebellious. The Holy Bible teaches, “Rebellion is as sinful as witchcraft, and stubbornness as bad as worshiping idols” [1 Sam 15:23; NLT].

One may have also observed similar trend of his irresponsible practises in all the social media platforms that Mr Chukwuakpi finds himself including the Mgbom General Assembly, Ezokechima Patriotic Movement and Ezokechima Development Association (EDA) Whatsapp platforms. He struggles with authorities. He struggles with obedience. He struggles with submission. He struggles with cooperation. He struggles with mutual respect and relationships. Pastor Ebuka struggles with the truth. A striking example was on 06-June-2021 at the EDA congress, while presenting the findings of the committee members charged by the EDA to unravel the truth about the alleged marriage relationship propagated to all and sundry by the Mgbom Egbani forces. When the president general (PG), Dr Chidiebere Onwuta, mentioned that the committee found that Mr Owutu has not been refunded the marital rites performed on Nnenna Nwokporoko and that the woman was not legally married to Mr Okorie Anoh, Pastor Chukwuebuka lost his cool. The rebellious Pastor quickly interjected without permission claiming that he attended some meetings twice where Mr Owutu confirmed that he has received all the refunds necessary from his marriage to Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko; disrespectful, lying Pastor!

From the foregoing, it can be observed that Mr Chwukwuakpi is already under a curse and the curse of his wrongdoings at the Presbyterian Church is still following him for rebelling against the principles and practices (P&Ps) of the church. He owes himself the due diligence of humility and returning to apologise to the PCN Mission Hill and then start seeking deliverance from all of his numerous complicated life history. 

During one of his usual January frauds in the name of crusades in 2020, Pastor Chukwuakpi boasted that “If all the Okorie Anoh’s family members do not die, I will drop the Bible”. This is usually a common threat of the pastors anointed by Satan to destroy the Holy Churches of the Holy God. When they make such threats, they back it up with their evil powers and next, if it manifests – then people will say he is a strong man of God. After the threat, some of the people who attended the crusade came lobbying our family to settle with him so that any death omen does not infest the family. Oh, what a faithless generation! The Holy Bible says, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge [Hos. 4:6] of God, but the people who know their God will be strong and will resist him [Dan. 11:32]. Let me say this; all genuine prayers are usually made to God, it is then in the wisdom of the Almighty God to answer or not. If Mr Chukwuakpi is truly of the Holy God and we are doing the wrong thing, let him pray to the Almighty God, He will answer him. However, since Mr Chukwuakpi is not of the Holy God, he is another Balaam hired by another Balak to curse the Israelites [Num. 22 – 25], un/fortunately he ended up blessing them – for they cannot curse the anointed of God [Deut. 23:4-6]. The Holy Bible says, “Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse will not land on its intended victim” [Prov. 26:2; NLT]; yes, it will never land on the Okorie Anoh’s family. Pastor Chukwuakpi should be ready to drop the Holy Bible and go into the bushes where he was officially called into the ministry of soothsaying but not on the pulpit as a pastor because he’s busy misleading people into damnation. He should also be ready to reap what he had sown [Prov. 26:27].  

In spiritual warfare, we understood that witches do not operate alone, they operate in a network. This assertion is also supported in the teaching of Apostle Suleiman on “Winning Your Case in The Coven”. Pastor Chukwuebuka is working for his witchcraft network to create a false marriage ground for their coven queen-mother (Nnenna Nwokporoko), an avenue for both spiritual and physical attacks on our family. You may want to recall that a major prowess that Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko brags with is her witchcraft powers. She has been so deceived in their coven and kingdom to believe that they can destroy anyone or family. Although she goes to church gatherings, including the Assemblies of God church, Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko has not encountered the delivering and Almighty power of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the Holy Bible, the Lord Jesus says, “All Power in Heaven and on Earth has been given unto me” [Matt 28:18], such “that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth” [Phil 2:10]. If anyone encounters the true experience of being born again, and gone through the two Christian rituals prescribed by the Hebrew Bible: Born of the Water (Water Baptism) and of the Spirit (Baptism of the Lord Jesus Christ – of Spirit and Fire), you have the rights to those promises. In that case, the powers that Pastor Chukwuebuka, Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko and their gang brag about are useless. 

Lies are used as weapons just as truth is even a higher weapon. Mr Ngene Ukeh and Pastor Chukwuakpi, although related, are well known in using lies and falsehood as their weapon against any opponent. For example, in the heat of the crisis, Mr Ngene Ukeh lied to Commander (Dr) Stanley Odii and Gaddafi Nwani that he gave Chinedu Anoh his slot to travel to USA. Unfortunately, Mr Ngene failed to realise that it was not even Mr Chinedu Anoh that travelled to the USA but another of our brothers. In the display of his utmost ignorance, Mr Ngene also failed to realise that things of academic competitions are based on merit especially for families that are not as famous or connected. Thus, His Excellency, Dr Sam Egwu selected those 13 children from the 13 LGAs of the Ebonyi State through rigorous academic competition exercises, and our brother emerged as the winner and representative of Ohaozara LGA. It was purely based on Merit, and Mr Ngene did not know anything about the competition processes (as he was busy doing his things at the Pension Board, Abakaliki, that finally earned him a sack from his job) until everything was concluded. Most people from Ugwulangwu came to know about this only after they had travelled out. 

In fact, while Mr Ngene Ukeh was working in Abakaliki he travels from the village to Abakaliki weekly. We thought him to be an uncle and trusted him with the completed GCE application form of our sister, Precious, for submission. Mr Ngene hypocritically accepted the form; “oh yes, I will help you submit it very well”; little did we know that it was the end of that GCE form. The exam came and our sister’s name was not found. Later Mr Ngene confessed that why should he be entrusted to submit a GCE application for Okorie Anoh’s daughter when his own children have not written GCE. Thus, Ngene did not submit the form but hid it under piles of papers in his room. To your shame Mr Ngene Ukeh, can we announce to you that our dear Sister, Precious, has just completed her postgraduate studies in one of the prestigious Federal Universities in the country in a grand style. If Mr Ngene knew about the academic competition that took our brother to the USA, Mr Ngene would have gone to frustrate it as he did with GCE exam of Precious. On the other hand, if he had such influence as he claimed, Mr Ngene Ukeh would have awarded it to his children without looking back. 

Since they are members of the same church, sharing the same faith, ideology and commission, it is highly likely that lies and falsehood may be part of their creed. For example, a key political office holder (presently) from Ugwulangwu accused the Ebonyi State Government of being compromised on the matter crediting the allegation to the entire Ugwulangwu Community; other key stakeholders in the community have challenged the irresponsible politician to prove where the Ugwulangwu Community engaged in such nonsense. The stakeholders have distanced the good people of Ugwulangwu Community from the allegation and the bad image intended by the uncultured politician. In fact, the politician accused our brother alongside to have returned nicodemusly to Nigeria during our father’s burial, lodged in Abakaliki, bribed the government and travelled back without touching base; senseless! In the same way, Pastor Ebuka accused anyone that took a different stance from theirs to have been induced. He held that Okorie Anoh’s family bought a new car, filled the boot with cash and extravagantly bribed anyone with a minimum of N100,000.00. While Mr Ngene Ukeh is well known to manufacture lies in Ohaozara, Pastor Ebuka lies from Ebonyi to Lagos and back. Since Mr Ngene Ukeh was the one that sold his woes of trouble to the uniformed people of Mgbom Egbani, it is likely that he may have manufactured the lies, recited it in their church and the congregations copied it. Alternatively, seeing the rate at which the pastor of the church manufactures lies, both Ngene, the politician and Ebuka may have worked together in manufacturing the lies against the Government. Now, given that the Ugwulangwu Community launched an independent investigation into the matter outside that of the government’s and found that these congregation of Satanic church converts are in the wrong, how are they going to redeem their images?

Since the days of ịpa-awha saga, Ngene Ukeh and his gang have continued to persecute churches, prayers and whoever that believes in churches or prayers. You may recall the highly respected cleric (Pastor Mpiawa) who intervened in the farmland destruction inferno that exposed Mr Uneke Nwigwe Nweke. Mr Ngene Ukeh approached the Landlord of the house that Pastor Mpiawa uses for his church to sack the pastor. The Landlord told Mr Ngene that he would only sack him if only Mr Ngene would sign a contract of paying him the same monthly rent that the pastor pays. In fact, Mr Ngene shivers to his bone whenever you confront him with prayers and the Pastor Mpiawa is believed to be very destructive with his prayers. In the following video clip, you could see and hear Mr Ngene Ukeh lobbying the committee members nominated by the Ebonyi State Government during the alleged marriage crisis to stop the Okorie Anoh’s family from praying.  

Despite his failed attempts to violate and break down the P&Ps of the PCN at the Mission Hill Branch, Pastor Chukwuebuka on the other hand, has continued to be involved in a number of other dishonourable activities that are quite contrary to his claim of being a clergy. For example, his father – Mr Eze Nwachukwuakpi – at one time lived in Mebi-Okposi from where he goes on hired jobs. Being away from his wife (the mother of Pastor Chukwuebuka), Mr Anthony Eze Nwachukwuakpi began to fancy another woman in the neighbourhood there in Mebi-Okposi. In fact, rumour had it that the relationship between Mr Anthony Eze Nwachukwu and the Okposi lady was blessed with a pregnancy – although the baby of the romance later died. Pastor Chukwuebuka and the mother were grossly embittered by such developments so much that they threatened to kill the father/husband. It was alleged that Pastor Chukwuebuka and the mother involved some mystical means including charms to fulfil their threat of killing the father; involving the use of accident. While on a motorcycle along the Okposi-Ugwulangwu road, the father of Pastor Chukwuebuka actually had a projected road accident that nearly claimed his life orchestrated by his son/wife. An eye witness that corroborated this story of the heinous acts of Pastor Chukwuebuka and the mother was a part of the good Samaritans that rushed the Mr Eze Nwachukwuakpi to Okposi General Hospital to save his life. The aftermath of that accident is why the father started limping and still limps till today.

As if that was not enough, Pastor Chukwuebuka extended his mystical arrows and wars to his age-long enemy, Mr Idika Okoro. For example, when younger people who live away from home travel back to the village, they usually buy bread or wine for the elders at home. On one of such special occasions, Pastor Chukwuebuka travelled home and gave Mr Idika a special bottle of wine; and told him to make sure he drinks it that night. Mr Idika received the wine, thanked Pastor Chukwuebuka but insisted that the wine would be opened the following day. Lo and behold, the following morning Pastor Ebuka had missed his target. The special wine that Pastor Ebuka presented to Mr Idika had mysteriously busted shattering into pieces. This omen has been held secret that it is an evil and that no one should know about it – and the Pastor Ebuka is busy running after shadows. 

Recall that Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony Eze alleged several evil records against our father, and our grandfather. In one of such allegations among his several audio-recordings, Pastor Chukwuebuka claimed that our grandfather vanished and no one knows his way about until today. Contrary to the lies of the fake pastor, our grandfather was one of the courageous few and veterans defending his village; while his cowered. We can authoritatively rebuff such as one of the many lies of Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony. For example, our uncle – the very younger brother of our father, Mr Moses Anoh, confirmed to us that he was sleeping next to our grandfather in bed when he died and that was his first experience of seeing someone dead. Our uncle, Mr Moses Anoh, is very much alive and healthy. He told us that Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony was not even born at the time and that there was nothing like that. In other words, the fake story may have been manufactured by the fake pastor or his family.

The ọkpachiri ọya aṅụ manya Pastor failed to announce his atrocious handiwork of killing his own younger brother – Mr Onyebuchi Eze. His other family members rejected the dead body of the Mr Onyebuchi for Ebuka to eat and that he would never be buried in their family house; that was why the murderous pastor buried the young man in his house. Recall that his first attempt of killing his father, was through road accident, but failed. Unfortunately, his second attempt of killing his younger brother through another road accident succeeded. After killing his brother through road accident, the Pastor Ebuka went after the motor that killed his brother to confiscate as his property. The late young and hardworking man, Mr Onyebuchi, had laboured as an apprentice (nwa-boi) for eight years. The money with which the young man was settled, Pastor Ebuka seized. Perhaps, maybe while requesting for the money the diabolical pastor sent him on a journey of no return. 

It can be recalled that the native doctor on the pulpit, Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony, holds his abracadabra crusades every January. One of such crusades was held at Ezuku-Ebii, one at Aja Mgbom and another at Azu-Ogba. Several thousands of naira were raised at each of the crusades from village women and the dubious pastor swindled the money. The village has been on his neck to present accounts and the money realised from the events. Unfortunately, up until date, the mafia and deceiver called Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony has refused to tender the accounts or the money. In fact, the financial fraud of the crusades is why Pastor Ebuka has been on the run from Ezuku-Aja (i.e. Azu-Ogba).

From the foregoing accounts of the terrible Acts of Pastor Chukwuebuka Anthony, it has become quite obvious that he is well versed in disobedience, lack of respect and accountability, irresponsibility, lies and falsehood, deceit, witchcraft, murder, etc. By no means, the visible representative of Satan here on earth, is not a pastor and should not be trusted as one. The general public are hereby warned of identifying with him and the continued doing so is at their own risks. 

In confraternities and different brotherhoods, it is a common street knowledge that when there is a war against a member, all other members will regroup to fight and defend their member whether the member was right or wrong. Similarly, in witchcraft and wizardry, they group themselves to mystically and openly fight anybody reported to have offended their member. In the same line, Pastor Chukwuebuka (among others) is fighting to defend their member whom they sent on a mission and she is failing to complete the assignment of destroying the Okorie Anoh’s family. Clearly, it can be seen that these Satanic Church members have intelligently strategised and launched both internal and external wars to destroy the Anoh’s dynasty.

Among the above identified methods, Pastor Chukwuebuka uses marine powers in his operations too. In the heat of the crises, Pastor Chukwuebuka travelled to their powerbase in Asaba, Delta State where they acquire powers or destroy anyone that proves stubborn. In that their river of powers, he invoked and invoked members of the Okorie Anoh’s family, to no avail. He did all he could at the riverside but failed; since that avenue failed he returned back to continue reposting the picture of Nnenna Nwokporoko and the demolished house soliciting for the supports of Mgbom Ezenamoke and worldwide lawyers. In fact, whenever he comes out to fuel the crisis by reposting the pictures of the demolished house and Ms Nnenna Nwokporoko, he has failed in another trial to strike their target through his mystical powers. In such occasions, his members will resonate to attract sympathies from the unsuspecting masses.

In addition to marine powers, Pastor Chukwuebuka uses gods of the Land (those of you with Land Army background should know about this). For example, any reasonable person should wonder why Pastor Chukwuebuka would always argue and insist that the matter must be taken to Aja Mgbom; what is in that Aja Mgbom? My people, it is where they destroy destinies and people. Whenever you see them arguing hard like that, regardless of the status of the person, be warned it is the same group of people. Most times that he travels to the village, Pastor Chukwuebuka has gone to reaffirm his covenants with the gods of the land. Usually, if there are issues to settle in the Aja Mgbom, the Satanic Church members hold their church services there prior to the meeting in order to spiritually charge and saturate the place with their demonic spirits. This is, largely, why it is quite difficult to get justice there.

Like we pointed out in the previous episode, the crisis of a false marriage relationship that is being forced to exist by the Mgbom Egbani forces is heralded by the Umunkaigbo forces with a few others from the other two extractions of the Mgbom Egbani kingdom. There are a few decent individuals in the Mgbom Egbani that are not involved in the crises and have been speaking with all their strength against the falsehood. However, the lists of other members exacerbating the crises also includes Chief Egwu Nwachukwu Onwosi, Chief Okereke Okorafor (a.k.a. Udoka), Mr Njoku Eze (a.k.a. Boni), etc. In the following video clip, you could see them arguing hard in support of their gang member. The satanic church members, were also, alleged to have contributed in a 21-page long petition against Hon. Tony Abel in order to truncate his job. As providence may have it, they were all put to shame. Gentlemen and ladies, can we ask you to be on your own alert that the certified handiworks of these Satanic Church Members is to kill and destroy anything good – family, person, job, relationships, etc. 

For the unsuspecting public, no one should be deceived by the name Jesus that Pastor Chukwuebuka calls. The Holy Bible teaches, “You happily put up with whatever anyone tells you, even if they preach a different Jesus than the one we preach, or a different kind of Spirit than the one you received, or a different kind of gospel than the one you believed” [2 Cor. 11:4; NLT]. Here, you should have noticed that there are two Jesus, two Spirits and two Gospels. One is of the true gospel that Apostle Paul preached, while the other one is the type that Pastor Chukwuebuka proclaims. Why is Ebuka doing this, because “their god is their belly, and their glory is in their shame … and their end is destruction” [Phil. 3:19]. But the Holy Bible goes further to warn, “If any man teach otherwise, … from such withdraw thyself” [1 Tim 6:3 – 5; KJV]. The teaching here is not limited to what they proclaim on pulpits only, it also includes the way they live their lives.

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