Indeed, this is not the best of time for many Nigerians, as insecurity, poverty, unemployment and constant decline in standard of living, assault Nigerians from all sides. As if that is not enough, the regime head whose genocidal tweet from his official Twitter handle caused a wide public outcry, especially from people of the South East Region who trooped out enmass to report the inhuman tweet coming from a supposed president of a country.

As always, Twitter reviewed the complaints and found the tweet in breach of its rules, leading to the deletion of the offensive tweet from Buhari. This arouse the insensitive regime so much that Mr Lie Muhammed convened a press conference immediately, accusing Twitter of being behind all the Nigerian peoples dissents with the regime. In fact, he termed Twitter activities in Nigeria as suspect.

Sequel to the above, the Minister of information this evening announced the indefinite ban of Twitter from Nigerian social media space, with call for thorough regulation of social media use and outlets throughout the country.

Nigerians of various shades condemned this clampdown on the constitutional right of freedom of expression and access to free flow of information by all and sundry. The former Senate president, Dr. Bukola Saraki, expressed his view on the toxic decision banning Twitter indefinitely from Nigeria through his official Twitter handle @Bukolasaraki thus:

No sir! This should not be the response from the president of a nation with a vibrant youthful population for whom #Twitter is part of their daily lives and a source of their income and livelihood.

This must be reviewed.

The criticisms continue to pour in as some Nigerians describe it as Buhari’s re-introduction of  the infamous Decree 4 of 1984 through which he hounded pressmen to jail without trial.

We shall keep you updated as the matter unfolds, whether the Twitter ban will become effectively implemented in Nigeria as declared by the Minister is a matter of days; weighing the regime’s lack of respect for human rights and Rule of law.

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