ABOMINATION: Man Cries Out Over Wife’s Incestuous Sexual Behaviour With His Brother


Wonder shall never end, as a middle aged man took to his tweeter handle, lamenting how miserable his marriage has become, ever since he caught the wife having sex with his biological brother in their Matrimonial home.

As always, the alleged adulteress is even a pastor in a yet to be disclosed church. The man painted the picture of how he could not look the wife in the eyes again ; since he caught sight of the aberration going on in his Matrimonial home.

Again, of concern to the troubled man is his own family overwhelming pressure that he should forgive and forget the woman for the sake of love, an advice that have not really settled down well with the man, hence; the seeking of advice through this medium

See the tweet below @OG stephen:

My wife and her brother are having sex with each other , the day i found out my heart was bleeding , I never imagined a married woman committing incest in her matrimonial home . What baffles me is that my wife is a minister in the house of God .

I have still not recovered from the shock of what I saw in my home . Things are happening in this world , My family wants me to forgive her , but if I’m to forgive her I want it to come from my heart . For now I can’t look her in the eyes

The tweep went on to lament how the wife and her family is threatening him to take down this tweets but vowed never to given to such cheap threats ; because the incestuous activities of his wife had made life miserable for him.

We won’t hesitate to talk with this handle as provided by the troubled husband @vivanora.

See the tweets below :

My wife and her family are threatening my life , there are demanding I take this post down but I won’t , this is my wife handle @vivianrora we have been married for 4years now. She even have the guts to threaten me .

We shall keep you updated as the matter unfolds.

The image used there represents nor have anyone in mind, merely for purpose of emphasis.

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