Wicked Mother : Allegedly Escaped With N3M Donated For Her Sick Child


Indeed,  the world is infected with greedy and avarice. If not, how could you explain that a mother whose child had brain tumor, cried for help through an NGO; who contacted the philanthropist who donated the money needed for the surgery, only for the woman to abscond with the money.

The said child was so sick with brain tumor, needing urgent operation, necessitating the plea for money by the Non Governmental Organization who wants to get a donor for the medical expenses. When they eventually got the donor who donated the #3M but insisted on paying directly to the account of the sick child’s mother.

The donor transferred the money as promised, only for the mother of the child to went at large with the money given for the medical expenses of her child.

The above incident was revealed to the public by the tweeter handle Nymart Jamal, who mourned the death of the child.

Indeed, such woman is a monster endowed with no virtue, as the sick child translated today without

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