Senator Abaribe Bemoans Nigerian Army Extra Judicial Killings, Calls It The Most Unprofessional Force In The World.


The Senate Minority leader is no doubt a voice to reckon with in the red chambers, as he, always  made objective and insightful contributions to any topical issue that calls for such without shying away from his sacred duty of speaking up for his constituents, no matter whose ox is goured.

See his submission below on the Army Extra Judicial Killings :

Nigerian Soldiers are the most unprofessional soldiers in the world!!!
If a hoodlum kills a soldier, millions of soldiers will invade the community, kill innocent people and burn down houses.
What has the innocent people have to do with the death of a soldier?

What has people’s houses have to do with the death of a soldier?
If a soldier is killed, the “Intelligence Unit” of the military should do investigation to capture the killer, not terrorising the whole community.

If you look at what soldiers did in Imo State, Akwa Ibom State and Benue State, you will agree with me that Nigeria is a failed country!

– Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe

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