Twist of Propaganda : Mr. Femi Fani Kayode Caught In Line, Cursing and Blessings Kogi State Governor


Hunger like karma is a bitch. Gone are the days that men are driven by conviction and values ; as it is now the now that the stomach rules the head in our quest for survival.

There’s no doubt that FFK, as he is popularly known has been in the labour market of a sort for sometimes now; but we all know what opposition politics and politicians look like in Nigeria. The hunger and oppression is so real that few of them will stay two weeks without cross-carpeting.

As always, the rumor has it that FFK, who sworn to High Heaven that, it is better dead than join Buhari brand of politics, is making frantic efforts to join the APC ; knowing fully well that there’s no honour among thieves.

Although, he has not formally decamped to APC, he has been everything to Governor Yahaya Bello of recent, from a PA, Media man, PR person to all sorts of things you could expect from errand boys.

Recently, Buhari rose up to the occasion by refusing a scheduled meeting to meet with FFK at the Aso Rock Villa. Such is one of the noble height of this regime that’s quite commendable.

Again, unaware of the era and effects of social media, FFK took to his tweeter handle to query those who are opposing Yahaya Bello presidential ambition, saying, the North Central deserves the seat.

Fast forward, the hastag generation brought out a tweet where he labeled Yahaya Bello an idiot for saying that he is ready to live and die by Buhari commands.

See the tweets below:

Twist of Propaganda

Above all, most of our politicians have proved themselves unworthy of trust, we urge the new generation to take their destinies in their own hands ; but certainly not with the likes of Yahya Bello and his current promoter. May we gain freedom from our ruiners in chief.

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