We Can’t Guaranty Your Safety Any more, Zamfara Governor Warns Southners Living in the North.


One thing is very certain in today Nigeria, the security of lives and properties is at abeyance, the  regime seems to be at its wit end as the country has been enveloped by one form of killings and allied criminals activities.

As always, the Governor of Zamfara, Bello Mattawalle, in response to the continuous erosion of security in the country, yesterday warned Southners staying in the North that the North would no longer guarantee their safety ; as long as the killings of Northerners and attack on their business interests continues in the south.

The Governor revealed this in a statement obtained by DAILY NIGERIAN NEWS ON THURSDAY, “ saying the South has no monopoly of violence.”

He revealed further that the North has whatever it takes to match those attacks and hatred coming from the South ; as they will no longer advise their people to protect and respect lives and properties of Southners living in the North.

See the Governor’s full statement below:


Recent happenings in the country have made it expedient for me, as a political leader and a proud Northerner, to issue this important statement. This is not the time to play politics or to play to the gallery, but a time to tell ourselves the real truth, for the benefit of peace and progress of our country, and to prevent the looming anarchy that some disgruntled, unpatriotic Nigerians want to drag the nation into.

Considering the manner we play politics in Nigeria–politics without conscience–the public may expect a statement like this to come from a governor or a leader of the APC, but I choose to make the following statement even as I remain a proud member of the opposition PDP, for the sake of our nation; for peace to reign and in the overall interest of the North.

So much is happening to the North and to Northerners as individuals. Today, their lives, dignity and possessions are being threatened by the increasingly unfriendly South even as we try, as Northern leaders, to always calm the situation and to protect the interest, businesses and dignity of all Southerners living in the North.

Despite what Northerners are experiencing today in many parts of the South-West and South-East in particular, all we hear is the conspiracy of silence from Northern leaders and elites who are supposed to stand firm, in the manner in which other leaders of the South are doing even when they know that their people are at fault. This must not continue.

As Northern leaders, our dignified silence in the face of constant provocation and assault, because of our desire for peace, MUST not be taken as a sign of weakness. Indeed no community, or region has the monopoly of violence. If Northerners and their means of livelihood will not be protected, accommodated and be dignified anywhere they choose to stay in any part of the South, Southerners should NOT expect protection from the North as the North has more than what it takes to respond to any kind of aggression and hatred.

We have seen the destruction, the killings and the devastation recently at Sasha Market against Northerners and their economic interests. Properties worth billions of Naira were lost in addition to human lives yet some leaders in the South-West are downplaying the atrocities committed or, worst still, justifying it. Some of them have shamefully gone to the extent of apportioning blames on the victims and casualties of their aggression, the Governor said.

3 Replies to “We Can’t Guaranty Your Safety Any more, Zamfara Governor Warns Southners Living in the North.”

  1. Sycophantic governor! He didn’t see or hear of all the transgressions of the killer Fulani herders and kidnappers, against several host communities in the South West, East etc. Southerners are peace loving and shall continue to accommodate law abiding people from the North of Nigeria, but we cannot allow criminals and terrorists to override us.

    Southerners in the North are peace loving, and cannot be be formenting trouble everywhere like these bandits. Criminal bandits from the South should be dealt with in accordance with the laws.

  2. What is he saying like this oooo this Northerners have been the problem from the beginning:
    Killing innocent lives, abducting children, banditory the noise of this time, one governor even brought hijab issue too and some people are trying to lives their as quiet as anything but still alot is done to them, what do you want then to do before oooo….
    I don tire for una ooo so now na to dey release southerners to the northerners as sallah chicken and ram abiii. Oga oooo

  3. Mad man. You can see what our Governors are afraid to open up and say, for the fear of being sanction. Thank God this is coming from a northern Governor. Let us see what the law will handle this annacy. He even opened up by saying the Northerners has more than enough to handle the Southerners., is an evidence that, they have equipped there people with arms and ammunitions, as we have been seen them with AK 47. They even brought enough Okada for there militants and that is what they used to raid and attack there innocent victims. Let our leaders too, wake up to there responsibilities and equip us with arms and armunition and atack them in the north. The truth is that they have captured us oooo! Because if we calm down and we can see beyond our nose. We can see the northerners everywhere with there Okada, and very aggressive. At times you are going to the farm in the morning, you will see them and begin to wonder, how manage they find themselves in. Always armed…. Please let our leaders not take this statement lightly. It is Inteligent germane.

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