Reno Omokri Queries Those Who Are Calling Him To Respect Tinubu


The acclaimed Buhari tormentor and Tableshaker took to his Facebook handle to question the credentials of those warning him to respect Tinubu, asking where they were when Asiwaju used derogatory words on Obasanjo and his boss, GEJ.

He pointed out some of the unprintable words Tinubu used for Obasanjo and GEJ as ” expired Milk and drunken fisherman”.

See his post below:

People say I should respect Bola Tinubu. For what? Did Tinubu respect former President Goodluck Jonathan? Tinubu called then President Jonathan a “drunken fisherman”. He called former President Obasanjo “expired milk”. Please Google it. Why does Tinubu now deserve my respect?

Tinubu’s supporters need to know that I do not have a short attention span. I have the memory of an elephant and I am a meticulous record keeper. On December 17, 2014, Tinubu rained insults on Jonathan, who he accused of plotting to scuttle his chance of emerging as Buhari’s running mate. Tinubu is not deserving of respect. Talk less of deserving of the Presidency. If he cannot take the heat that he gave out, then he should not have dished it


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